The Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency – October 1, 2015, was founded by Justin Brown in Austin, Texas. When the Brown Agency started in 2010, it became the most respected modeling agency in central Texas. Along with the Helman Talent-South Agency, the two organizations decided to merge as one modeling agency.

The Brown Agency has become one of the most successful modeling companies in acting, fashion, commercial videos, television, film making, photo shots, industrial videos, voice over, runway modeling, catalog companies, and other promotional events as well. Overtime, this agency will be headquartered in Austin, Texas with other offices in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Justin Brown, 35, will be merging the Helman Talent-South Agency, with the Brown Agency. The agency will offer different kinds of professional modeling and acting services available to their clients. Also, the agency will be able to deliver the most professional, elegant and professional talent on a wider scale.

Years ago, Justin Brown worked his way through college modeling for $100 an hour. He used to model “rocker jeans,” now they call them “skinny jeans.” He now looks back and laughs at the fact that he worked for $6 an hour washing golf carts during his high school years. He studied business management in college and was more intrigued by what went on behind the photo shots.

According to Market Wired, after seeking different modeling agencies, Justin Brown landed a job as a “development and placement” specialist, training models to become professionals in their field. After training people to become models, he either placed them in jobs or helped them into big-time modeling jobs for different companies.

Justin Brown, 35, was born in Reno, Nevada and grew up in a town named Susanville, California. When he turned 18, he moved to southern California seeking modeling jobs. As soon as Justin Brown landed his first job with a modeling agency, he searched for other modeling agencies who would accept him. He eventually started learning the tricks of the trade.

Once accepted into the “world of modeling” models had to have the right kind of appearance for different photo shots. When these people had an attractive appearance, they helped them move into bigger modeling agencies, placing 20 to 30 percent of talented, attractive young people in the best modeling agencies around the world.

In 2005, Justin moved to Austin, Texas and started a modeling agency. When he first started his company, he named it Helman South-Talent Agency and now he is merging this agency with the Brown Modeling Agency. Over the years, it has grown to become the most successful modeling company placing young, talented people with the skills in acting and modeling. Many of these young people have landed successful modeling jobs with this modeling agency.

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White Shark Media Review – How They Can Help Increase Sales for Any Type of Business

What is White Shark Media? What do they do? Well, to start off, White Shark Media is an expert PPC management service. People who own small businesses need to set up a PPC strategy if they want to succeed online. PPC stands for pay per click, and it is the best way to start advertising in the digital world. However, people who own small businesses are usually too busy to get started with PPC themselves. Besides, they usually do not have the expertise to set up a PPC campaign that is successful. That is where White Shark Media comes in. They will take care of all of your PPC needs so that you can sit back and concentrate on the aspects of your business that are important to you, knowing that your PPC campaigns are in good hands.

White Shark Media is a Google Adwords Premier Partner. Only the best PPC management services are able to partner with Google. Google Adwords, by the way, is Google’s own PPC advertising network.

When getting started with White Shark Media, you will get a PPC evaluation. If you have an existing PPC campaign, they will analyze it and look into various ways you can improve your campaign and increase your revenue and return on investment. Of course, you will be able to keep all of the aspects of your PPC campaign that are working out well for you. If you do not yet have a PPC campaign, White Shark Media will look into your business and do an evaluation to discover what your goals are and how they can best be met through PPC.

The best part about White Shark Media is that they can do PPC for any type of business. If you need to reach people in your local area, they will be able to do local PPC advertising for you. This will bring in customers to your physical business or service. If you have an ecommerce site, they will do PPC advertising for you so that you increase your sales. They do national PPC management for those who want to reach a very wide audience, and they do enterprise PPC management for those who have a large business.

It doesn’t stop at Google Adwords. They will also advertise for you on Bing Ads. Bing Ads is also the platform for displaying ads on the Yahoo! search network. Whatever your needs are, you can rely on White Shark Media for expert help.


George Soros’ Contribution to Political Changes in America

George Soros is a successful hedge fund manager who has made his fortune through brilliant investment decisions. The 85-year-old New Yorker billionaire has been considered as one of the most politically powerful people in the world. He has been associated with toppling several regimes from power around the world. He has also taken center stage in shaping and influencing the American politics and culture.

He has been a financial bankroller of the Democrats and the famous one being when he spent $27 million in 2004 in a bid to try and defeat President George W. Bush. However, the project wasn’t a success, and he scaled back on his political donations until recently.

George Soros was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, and he even committed over $25 million to support her campaign. Sources close to him also stated that Mr. Soros was more politically engaged due to his faith in Clinton and fear of Donald Trump, who he accused of instilling fear in Americans and indirectly helping ISIS. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros made his fortune, which is estimated to be around $25 billion from risky currency exchange. His firm, Soros Fund Management is responsible for over $30 billion of client asset management.

Soros has time and time again talked about his underlying ambition of changing the way the world works. In his two books; The Alchemy of Finance and Underwriting Democracy, he stresses that he has always had childhood fantasies of changing the world. He mentioned that he has always harbored an “exaggerated view of self-importance” and saw himself as some type of god and even an economic reformer.

George Soros ambition of wanting to change the way the system works has never left him. He has used his fortune to try and influence the societies as he mentioned in an interview with The Independent that he realized at a young age that it is money and not people that make things go round.

George Soros has been a philanthropist since 1979. In 1984, he launched Open Society Foundation, the first of many aimed at building vibrant and “tolerable” democracies. He has opened over 70 Open Society Foundations around the world that are meant to promote freedom, human rights, the rule of law, social responsibility, democracy, and social justice as a universal idea.

George Soros has never shied away from donating to noble causes. He has given out hundreds of millions of dollars to different charities. Know more on about George Soros.



Dick and Betsy DeVos, The Exemplary Givers

Dick and Betsy DeVos have over the years attracted a lot of public attention based on their noble giving. Most people complain about the couple’s political giving acts, forgetting that the couple gives more in charity organizations than in politics. Most of the critics assume that Dick and Betsy DeVos give to bribe, forgetting charitable donations have no political influence.

Dick and Betsy DeVos borrowed their giving acts from their parents, who were also highly influential in the political realm. Case in point, Rich DeVos, Dick’s dad, entered the Forbes list of highest givers in 2015 when his donations totaled to $104 million. Additionally, even in previous years, Rich gave for political and charity reasons, as shown in the national history records. In a similar manner, Edgar, Betsy’s dad was a famous giver in Holland as he was an influential industrialist. Therefore, one concludes giving is in Dicks and Betsy’s genes and cannot be muted.

Dick and Betsy DeVos do not give haphazardly. Instead, they are focused towards making changes in institutions and systems, which they do not like. The couple specifically focuses on improving the education sector. In an interview conducted by the BBC, Dick stated that they noticed a loophole in the American education system that denied some kids the achievement of the American dream. Dick said that the children who came from the wrong zip codes ended up missing opportunities because of the poor education system. Consequently, the couple gives to Vouchers and Charter schools so that the institutions can address the issues that are ignored in the public schools. In so doing, Dick and Betsy DeVos assume that the public schools will borrow a leaf from these schools and also transform. Statistics show that the couple gave more than $3 million to education related courses and added an additional $357, 000 to education reform groups.

Albeit the family has always given, Betsy’s nomination in a political position raised more scrutiny to the family’s giving. Their assets were reviewed and they await a hearing in the near future concerning their assets. However, the couple has come up strongly defending their giving as more charitable than political.

Dick DeVos makes changes

Dick has great leadership qualities as he easily influences people to follow in his direction. As a result, he has severally been referred to as a change leader. An example of his high influence was felt when he took over the family business Army Corp as CEO in 1993. It was immediately after his assumption of office that he formed the Action Group of business leaders. The group gave life to the society as it helped in the construction of many institutions such as Michigan State University, the DeVos Place Convention Center and Van Andel Arena.




Take Back A Positive Financial Outlook By Joining Services

NexBank continues to be a team of strong financial leaders in an ever changing financial atmosphere. They are proudly based in Dallas, Texas and cater to over 246,000+ online customers. John Holt, their CEO and President, has been adamant on creating integrated services for his three core services that include investment, industrial, and commercialized services. You can rest assured that your money is securely backed with over $40 billion dollars in assets. Their customers are also protected with FDIC insurance that gives their customers the benefits of a peace of mind with their hard earned money. You’re invited to join the financial revolution today by visiting the exclusive NexBank website.

Their personalized and business account holders have the comforts of accessing their account at any time. That’s right, get account details on your smartphone, tablet, or pc with NexBank features. You can speak to a live friendly online representative when you need information about your account from a specialist. Holt, spoke at a recent Texas Financial Strategic Opportunity Annual Conference as a keynote speaker and noted the importance of maintaining competitive banking practices at reasonable rates for their customers. He also anticipates expanding their general counsel with a recent $24 million dollar common equity gain reports PRN Newswire magazine.

NexBank Features

– Anytime access

– Free checking account

– Interest savings

– Free checks

– Free direct deposit

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

and more…

Take the time to save on college tuition and other expenses with a NexBank account available through their college savings tab. Take part in over 1,600+ programs that offer smart ways to save. They understand the rising cost of college and want to ensure parents and students that they have a way to avoid huge student loan debt. Become a reliable NexBank customer today and save more money than with their competitor financial networks.


Todd Lubar Shares His Entrepreneurial Insights With The Public

Todd is a revered authority in the financial and real estate industries. Over the years, he has been sharing his insights with the public. Notably, Lubar has deep passion for serving the community. Owing to his vast experience, he has been able to leverage his business acumen to enable others achieve their goals in life. Todd argues that some of his deals have failed. However, he always wakes up the next day, dresses up and goes to work to start engaging in various business opportunities by using a different approach.

While having an interview with Inspirery, he was asked to propose one business idea that he would be willing to share with the public. Lubar responded by saying that many clients are seeking for tangible information about the housing industry. The increase in house-finder sites has not made it easy for the public, as such information is sometimes confusing. This situation leaves many potential buyers without reliable information. Todd says that the same way that the search engine space has been dominated by Google, there is an existing house-finding vacuum. He says that this space should be dominated by someone.

Todd Lubar states that he has seen some top contenders in that space. However, they do not provide the public with adequate and up-to-date housing information. Todd is optimistic that there is still space for one to be the Google for house-finding.

He urges entrepreneurs to have working systems. Through experienced developers, Todd has been able to custom build his software. The executive contends that David Schwartz’s book,“The Magic of Thinking Big” is an interesting read. He contends that people should consider reading the book as it challenges individuals to think big, and set higher goals in their lives.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is affiliated with renowned corporations, including TDL Global Ventures, Charter Funding and Legendary Properties. He started his career by working for a mortgage company. While working as a loan originator, Todd gained crucial knowledge about conservative mortgage banking.

One of his goals is to be a better person than he was yesterday. While he is not working, he spends time with his two daughters. Lubar says that he is always happy when he adds value to one’s life. Todd continues to provide the public with high-end properties and financial services.

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Why Prisons Need a Dedicated Communication, and Learn More about Rick Smith

Have you ever noticed that companies had dedicated services specialized for their departments? For example, hospitals have a system that lets them use a specialized and extensive database to store some data about their health conditions and other characteristics. On the same note, a telecommunication provider needs a dedicated service of technical engineers to preemptively help fix unexpected issues that can happen with their communication, and they need a quick repair to keep their staff working.

As the world of business becomes more centered in providing specialized treatment for different and reclusive niches, prisons and correction agencies are not distinct from this reality. For example, if a company that sells products need a third-party telecommunication provider, can that same corporation provide telephone services for a prison where hundreds of inmates make phone calls every day? Probably not. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Likewise, prisons and the law enforcement department need a dedicated telephone service. One of the providers that offer telephone communication across the U.S. is the Securus Technologies enterprise, created by Rick Smith, who is the President and CEO of the firm.

Rick Smith is leading Securus Technologies, and he has found great success in his niche because of one simple characteristic of the group: A focus on security and monitoring the phone calls if needed. Although that doesn’t sound that appealing to other types of companies, for a correction agency, the option to analyze past conversations through the telephone is essential in finding a corrupted staff or a prisoner having a criminal behavior.

Because of this reason, Rick Smith is now the President of one of the most influential companies in the communication market for that department. Apart from their original philosophy of investing in security, they also develop new ways to implement communication and technology together. For example, Rick Smith was the administrator that proposed the usage of cell phone applications to be implemented in prisons and utilize that app to make calls and save them for later monitoring, just like it would be done through the telephone.

The importance of a quality communication is of course important for the entrepreneur Rick Smith as well. The feedback of the inmates of many prisons has been overwhelmingly positive, being centered on the line quality, the vast reach and the efficiency of the communication that the group provides.

According to an inmate in a prison cell next to the vicinity of Florida, the Securus Technologies telephone service allowed him to contact his family much more quickly compared to the phone providers that the agency had hired before, which were offering a telephone service that was always having interference.

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According to Rick Smith, the focus on security was the main thing that allowed the company to skyrocket in just a few years of providing, and the continuous development of new solutions is another great reason why prisons prefer Securus Technologies.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel:Offering New Treatment Options For People With Sleep Disordersv

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a well-respected dentist with decades of experience providing the highest quality standard and cosmetic dentistry services. A graduate of Rutgers University with degrees in biology and psychology, Dr. Weisfogel earned his DDS at NYU College of Dentistry. While in dental school in the 1990s, he began hearing about how dentistry can be used to help to treat sleep disorders. When he set up his practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, in New Jersey in 1999, in addition to providing award-winning dental care, he also started doing research on ways he could treat people with sleep problems.


Over the past 20 years, Dr. Weisfogel has enjoyed a great deal of success. His dental patients have voted him ‘Dentist of the Year’ many times and he has made major breakthroughs in the treatment of patients with sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel has even figured out a number of ways to use oral appliances to address the sleep problems of patients with sleep apnea and other breathing related sleep disorders. Rather than hide his discoveries and attempt to keep all the sleep patients for himself, Dr. Weisfogel set out to make as many dentists as he could aware of how they could help sleep patients and make their dental practices more prosperous.


He has done this by lecturing all around the world, teaching dentists how to set up and manage sleep labs and showing them the cutting-edge techniques he has developed to address the problem of sleep disorders. The response to his work has been excellent. Sleep patients are ecstatic about having access to a growing number of medical professionals that can help them. Dentists all around the globe have been happy to be able to help sleep patients while expanding the reach of their dental practices and the number of patients they serve. It has been a winning strategy for all involved.


When Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned his degree in dentistry, no one anticipated he would have such a major impact on the world of dentistry. However, his research and experimentation has helped expand the services dentists worldwide can offer.



Common Orthopedic Procedures With Dr. Greg Finch

Throughout our lives we’re constantly on the move, rushing here and there and putting our bodies through the paces. At every stage we’re reliant on our musculoskeletal system to keep us moving, and it does so with great efficacy. Sometimes things go wrong, and that can put a serious hitch in our busy lifestyle. When this happens, it’s orthopedic experts like Greg Finch who set things to rights and get us back to a life in motion.


Spinal injuries are one of the most frightening and difficult forms of damage to treat, and sometimes a portion of the spine has to be fused to treat it. Spinal fusion joins two or more vertebrae together to prevent any movement between them, often relieving pressure and pain. Fusion can be done through bone grafting, or by using screws, plates, and cages to secure the location. While some mobility is lost, the pain relief that comes with the procedure can facilitate a return to normalcy.


Many elderly people find it necessary to receive a hip replacement at some point in their lives, and once again it falls within the field of Greg Finch and his contemporaries to see it through. Hip replacements are often done due to damage to the bone, a complete loss of cartilage in the hip joint, or other complications.


Greg Finch completed his training at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, and entered into the field with a philosophy of patient education. Before any procedure is performed, he ensures that his patients are able to understand both the details of the procedure and why it’s necessary for it to be performed. His specialties are disc replacement, cervical spine surgery, and adult deformities, with a decided interest in minimally invasive spinal procedures. If you’re experiencing orthopedic complications and want a consult, contact Greg Finch at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital by dialing +61754447579.



The Family Place Campaign To Raise $16.5 Million For Victims Of Family Violence Gets A Boost After Highland Dallas Foundation Awards Them $1 Million

Challenge Grant

Victims of family violence in Dallas can now afford a smile after Highland Dallas Foundation came to their rescue. While making this announcement, Mr. Dondero, who is the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital, said that the firm had awarded a $1 million challenge grant to assist the Family Place to raise the final $2.8 million for the Legacy campaign. The family place is the leading organization in Dallas that supports victims of domestic violence. Mr. Dondero made the long-awaited announcement during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Honors Luncheon that is organized by the Family Place Foundation.


While delivering his speech at the Luncheon, Mr. Dondero said that the challenge grant was awarded after Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Police Chief David Brown called the philanthropic arm of Highlands’s capital into action. Mr. Dondero noted that he was pleased with the way Family Place had taken the initiative to help victims of family violence in Dallas to live a better life. He said that Highlands Capital would continue to support projects initiated by Family Place.


The Family Place Legacy campaign seeks to raise money to support the construction and equipping of a central Dallas counseling center for victims of family violence. The counseling center will be named after Ann Moody as a way of honoring her. The building is set to serve more than 2,000 victims every year. They will be given emergency shelter since the existing facility is at maximum capacity.


Besides providing shelter, Ann Moody Place will also be the home to the agency’s Be Project. It is a project that provides teen dating and bullying violence prevention education. The facility will also house animals for victims who fear to leave abusive relationships because of the fear of leaving behind their pets.


About James Dondero

Mr. James Dondero has immense experience in the credit and equity markets where he mainly focuses on high yield and distressed investing. He co-founded Highland capital in 1993. He is the current president of the company.


Mr. Donder is the chief investment Officer of Highland Capital. James has steered the company through a successful path for more than two decades. The company has been the pioneer in the development credit-oriented solutions and Collateralized Loan Obligation.