Your Lips Are Sensitive Treat Them With Evolution of Smooth

Your lips are sensitive and Evolution of Smooth provides a unique all natural brand that soothes and revitalizes your lips. It goes on smooth and doesn’t have a harsh after taste. There is no need to have to worry about putting it on multiple times of day. Use it when you need it. It is designed to give you all day coverage without caking on your lips. Other products can began to cake on your l oi ps after a while, but Evolution of Smooth provides superior protection for your lips.
Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balms

– Mint Kisser
– Raspberry
– Shea butter
and much more…

You get an intense assortment of lip balms that are available ( on their easy to read and navigate website. The contents of each lip balm is clearly listed on their site. You’ll get an all natural lip balm every time. Reduce the effects of the harsh elements on your lips. The best time to take care of your lips is when you’re younger, but Evolution of Smooth can protect your lips from harmful UV rays and years of smoking.

You’re encouraged to visit their website for more details and product offers. You can receive additional savings by using their promo codes online. Thousands of men and women have softer lips without the harsh additives of other lip balm manufacturers. Say goodbye to surgery and uncomfortable Botox treatments. It has never been easier to take control of your lips. Evolution of Smooth is safe to use for all ages. Your lips will be vibrant and healthy again. Their products are trusted by the stars, but reasonable enough for all budgets. You’re invited to visit their website today and fill up your checkout cart. Also check out Ulta or for the list of exciting lip balms from EOS.

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Safeguarding Online Credibility: The Search Fixers Are Experts In Internet Reputation Repair


In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses are more obligated than ever before to preserve their online reputation. While consistent, steady delivery of services is remains the cornerstone of commercial success, negative customer reviews and deliberate sabotage by competitors, or even partners and employees can be potentially fatal.

First, online negative reviews have the ability to make or break any company’s success. As ⦁ determined by Nielsen, one of the world’s leading consumer research firms, 68 percent of consumers were influence by online reviews in 2013. This being the case, even a single negative complaint, whether justified or not, can cause disproportionate and uncontainable damage to your reputation. Given the propensity for negative reviews to have far greater impact than positive reviews, and given the availability and viral appeal of customer criticism on the Internet, investing in reputation management solutions is in any modern company’s best interest.

Furthermore, in today’s cutthroat and competitive environment, it’s all too likely for a legitimate business, providing a quality product, to be sabotaged unjustly. This deliberate, methodical assault on a business’s positive image is often spurred by competitors looking to duplicitously maximize their own profit margins and market share. However, even more insidiously, it is often instigated by business partners, employees or disaffected former employees looking to take some revenge and perhaps make some quick money in the process. For all these reasons, it’s imperative for any business to proactively preempt such debilitating blows to its online reputation, and reputation management companies exist precisely to fill that need.

Luckily for business owners, the Search Fixers, ⦁ as seen here, are here to prevent company images from being marred by unwarranted attacks or salvage already brutalized public reputations. With proven and highly qualified search engine optimization (SEO) experts working from the security and stability of the United States, the Search Fixers can address any online reputation management needs, whether they be preventative or reparative in nature. As an introductory offer to prospective new clients, the Search Fixers are promoting themselves by offering a thirty percent discount for their first month of service. While the market for online reputation management is fiercely competitive, any company wanting to be positively perceived in the current Internet-dependent economy would do well to consider investigating and investing in the Search Fixers.


Being Traded Would Cost Eagles’ Murray

DeMarco Murray made his splash in the NFL as a Dallas Cowboy, but in search of more money he went to the Philadelphia Eagles to play last season. To say the decision was a disaster would be putting it mildly. There were some minor injuries, and the Eagles just never got their offense going, and never utilized Murray’s talent.

Murray seems interested in leaving the Eagles, but a story on Yahoo Sports, says it would cost him even though the Eagles are perhaps not against letting him go.

The article speculates that Murray could be wearing affordable hearing aid accessories due to an ear injury he sustained during the regular season. They also believe he may traded back to the Cowboys, but Murray would have to let go of some guaranteed money and take a pay cut. There are reports that the Eagles are definitely interested in a trade, and Dallas has at least not said they are not interested.

The greater question is the money issue. Murry has received $9 million of a $40 million contract he signed a year ago. The Eagles would take a salary cap hit if they simply cut him, so they would want to trade to avoid salary cap problems.

Murray is guaranteed $7 million this coming season, and $2 million for future seasons. Murray would have to let the Eagles out of that guarantee as part of a trade deal to make it happen. In any trade the guaranteed part would have to be negotiated again, since it is guaranteed whether he plays or not.


Beneful Provides Nutritious Falvors with Innovation Included

Beneful Up-to-date With Premium Products

Beneful is the brand that can be counted on to provide innovation in their products. The team of professionals continue to research and find the best ingredients for your pet. Quality ingredients are incorporated with delicious taste. Remaining up-to-date is a goal that Purina takes much pride in, the Beneful brand is proud to keep your pet healthy and happy. Beneful has provided stay-fresh packaging to ensure that every dog is provided freshness with their meals and treats. Staying up-to-date to meet the needs of every dog. This is a company that continues to upgrade their facilities and their offered products.

Beneful Has the Experience

Beneful is a brand that you can place your trust in. This is an established brand that was introduced in the year 2001. Beneful provides a large variety of dog food items that are flavorful and they provided the necessary nutrients that your dog requires in order to maintain good health. Every dog owner will greatly appreciate a brand that offers solid experience. Experience leads to excellence.

A Large Variety of Dog Food Items

Beneful does not skimp on variety. This brand offers the following types:

* canned dog food

* wet dog food

* many tasty and nutritious snack items

* tasty dry food

This brand does cater to specific dog diet needs. They even feature soy items. A Healthy Harvest line is another option for your pooch. Beneful and their team of qualified professionals are constantly striving to meet the dietary requirements of every dog.

Healthy and Energetic Dogs

The Beneful brand leaves dog owners with healthy and happy dogs who are energetic and vibrant. This is accomplished because Purina Beneful places much care and thought into their dog products. Experience plays a large role in the outcome of this exceptional brand. Beneful adds innovation in every tasty bite.



When One Specialty Isn’t Enough for a Man

He is a renaissance man of the present time. Jon Urbana has had careers in aviation and photography as well as being known for his active involvement in numerous business ventures.


In 2013, Jon Urbana was recognized as an outstanding pilot by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The FAA sets only the highest of standards for certified pilots in order to minimize preventable and fatal errors during flights. As a result, the fact that Urbana received such recognition means that he likely exceeded the expectations and standards of the FAA in both the educational and medical standards.

Business Ventures

Urbana is particularly known as a former lacrosse athlete for the Villanova Wildcats. He is a co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which are held in Colorado each year. The goal of the camps is to educate youth lacrosse athletes. He also serves as the Head of Business Development in Ellipse Technologies, which is a company that designs and manufactures technologies for various orthopedic and spine disorders.


Among all of the other things that he does, Urbana has his own blog with WordPress, and another on Tumblr, in which he uploads and comments on his photography. His photographs are simple and mostly still-life of a single object such as a radish, a glass of a smoothie or a group of herbs and spices.

Jon Urbana is no follower. He is the type who takes his own lead whenever he sees a good cause for something. In doing so, he sets the example not only for his young lacrosse students but also for many around the world.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.


Appreciating the Contribution of Ricardo Guimarães to Stabilizing BMG


One of the greatest challenges companies have to handle is the ever souring competition and new companies that are flocking the market. BMG is among few companies that have been listed to have managed to succeed in the Brazilian market despite the fact there are many other banks that offer competition. Ricardo Guimarães has worked to ensure BMG maintains its reputation by having a series of sponsorship projects. They have especially worked with upcoming players to help them achieve their goals. In a recent development, Ricardo Guimarães explains they have signed an agreement with Marcelo Melo, a popular tennis player, whom they intend to offer support during and after the forthcoming Olympics competitions in 2016.

According to an article available through, Ricardo Guimarães has worked to ensure the player gets all necessary materials to help him hone his skills to the required level. This is among some of the projects BMG has financed and they have worked so well in offering a marketing tool for the company. Ricardo Guimarães has also explained the commercial agreement signed between BMG and Marcelo Melo may be extended after the next sporting season. This will help the athlete to hit international levels and maintain his dedication to achieve great levels of success.

This partnership with BMG will be necessary in helping the athlete prepare for the challenges ahead. It will also be a great way to help him explore his abilities and talent. The company is fully committed to supporting serious individuals who are ready to work with them. They have also been identified as one of the best companies for offering support to corporate social projects, something that has earned BMG a positive reputation. This agreement will feature support in kind and monetary support that will help to avail training materials and all necessary items that can help Marceo Melo to hone his skills.

As Ricardo Guimarães puts it, supporting sporting activities has worked well for the company in the pats as they have been able to get a better position in the market. This has worked to build their reputation and to help BMG get a better share of the market. Among projects they have supported in the past, football teams have been most successful as they have been able to develop talents which have turned ordinary players to internationally recognized professionals. With this spirit, BMG will be able to achieve its goals and plans.


James Dondero Has Success in Many Roles

James Dondero is a prominent businessman and investment manager based out of Dallas who has over 30 years of business and investing experience. He graduated in the top of his class from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a dual degree in accounting and finance. After graduating, he started his career as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program before becoming a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager with American Express. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer for a subsidiary of Protective Life where he was able to grow this subsidiary from start-up to $2 billion in business. In 1993, Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada where they were at the forefront in developing the collateralized loan obligation market. CLOs are investments backed by corporate loans where the investor receives regular payments on the loans, and they assume most of the risk in the event these loans go into default. Highland Capital offers many products to suit the needs and investment strategies of its investors. They offer 15 mutual funds in six different categories, and they provide a number of alternative investment opportunities such as real estate, healthcare, oil and gas, emerging markets, and high yielding credit. Since inception, Highland Capital has grown to have over $21 billion of assets under management with offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. In addition to being the co-founder, president, managing partner, and portfolio manager of Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is also the chairman, president, and director of many other companies. To name a few, he serves as director of NeighborCare Inc., Safety-Kleen Inc., American Banknote Corp., MGM Holdings, TerreStar Corp., Leap Wireless International Inc., and Cricket Communication Inc. He is the CEO and chairman of the board for HCM Acquisition Company, chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group and CCS Medical, and chairman of the board of directors with NexBank Capital. Mr. Dondero is also the co-founder, managing partner, portfolio manager, and president of NexPoint Capital, and he holds many of these positions with a number of mutual funds including some of the funds within Highland Capital. James Dondero is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has been able to use his experience as an analyst in the credit and equity markets to help create one of the most successful award winning investment companies in the country. His leadership in other successful businesses has given him insight into how they operate and what makes a business a good investment. This knowledge and insight is used to help grow the assets of Highland Capital’s clients.


Men’s Shoes: Handcrafted Heat For The Winter Season

Winter is almost here and so are the newest styles in men’s shoes. There is nothing like a great pair of shoes for the winter. A good pair will keep you comfortable, a great pair will do it in style. A man’s sense of style is something obviously personal to him. So when a man finds the right designer for his personal style, it is a perfect match.

There is something to be said for hand-crafted shoes as well. The way the leather feels to the touch, the look of the detail to attention and design. All of these are trademarks of a great shoe company. When you make that purchase, you want to feel like a million bucks. The right pair of shoes can definitely do that.

So what’s your style? What gets you ready to go shoe shopping?
Is it the classic staple of The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxfords in that amazing Cognac? Or is it the latest selections of High-Top Sneakers that you have your eye on? Whatever the case, when it comes to quality, you cannot beat hand crafted italian shoes.

There is no better place to get your hands on those new winter shoes than Paul Evans. This is the place to find the best in hand-made Italian Leather footwear. Whether you walk into the shop or your you visit the website, you are sure to see something that will speak to your taste for the finer things. They have a great selection of styles and colors for your palette to enjoy. Click the link here for more information.

There is no slowing down of the seasons. So if you are looking to get your feet into a
great pair of shoes for this season, check out the selection at Paul Evans. You will be glad that you did.


Freedom Fighter who Inspires Many Souls Around the Globe

Yeonmi Park is a 21 year old lady who defected from North Korea and is fast becoming a common face and voice of the people of North Korea and Asia at large who are oppressed, as well as becoming a living inspiration for freedom fighters all around the world. She defected and to the surprise of many, her country with the fifth largest army in the world, nuclear power and other ongoing research on military weapons decided to denounce her on the 31st of January 2015. A website that is run and managed by Kim Jong Um’s government posted an 18-minute long video with a title ‘The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet, Yeonmi Park’ to deliver the information to her and the country. This was the latest lame attacked that was aimed at putting a zip on the charismatic and outspoken critic of the world’s most secretive and repressive regime Yeonmi. The country has seen attackers (activists and critics) go through suffering after unlawful charges being imposed on them with most of them eventually becoming defectors. Becoming a defector is always a death wish but Yeonmi is one lady who is not intimidated or threatened easily, she is the North Korean Iron Lady.

Yeonmi released a book on Amazon, she was born in Heysan to a middle level civil servants in a society that devoted to worshipping the nation’s leader and show absolute hatred to anyone who shows disagreements with North Korean regime. A society that teaches you what to feel think and say and an obscene teaching of never put your trust in anyone. She got so bitter and angered at age of nine when she witnessed in disbelief her best friend’s mother executed by a firing squad for an offence that was not worth taking one’s life. Yeonmi grew up in this environment until she tasted what freedom feels like after smuggling and watching a film Titanic, which gave her a totally different view and life in another world. She leant that people in the other world were willing to die for love, as well as for state.

The journey of becoming a freedom fighter has not been easy for Yeonmi. She once gave an emotional confession amid tears in an interview with a forum named Women in The World Summit that Kim Jong um does not like her at all. He viewed her as a traitor for exposing what the dictatorial North Korean government wants children to be taught in schools. She said that the systems aim is to corrupt the young minds that the outside world is dangerous, impure and disgusting to live in. North Korea is the best place to be. Once, when she was 13 years and after fleeing her country with her mother into China, she went through her worst experience when a man wanted to rape her. Instead, her mother offered herself, and she watched the man do such a barbaric act on her mother. She escaped with her mother to Mongolia, and this was the beginning of a journey that she swore she will fight until death. She has gone ahead to write books and expose reality of Kim Jong Um’s brutal regime.


Lacrosse Sensation Matt Landis

matt landis pinterest
Being named as Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year could be one person’s claim to fame. For Notre Dame’s lacrosse defenseman, it’s just another accolade to add to his sterling career so far. 2015 has been a massive year for this lacrosse sensation. Notre Dame’s legacy as a successful lacrosse team is only continuing with Matt Landis leading the team. Even though the team’s success is his ultimate goal, he is being awarded for his amazing efforts for driving the team to being the number one seed in the ACC Championship. His outstanding campaign this season saw him stop Albany’s top player Lyle Thompson to only 1 goal in 11 attempts. This resulted in him winning the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week; a first of the season for any defender. His efforts and amazing season helped Notre Dame, as a team, boast 7 All-Americans; a school record. Landis was recognized by NCAA as a top defensive player for 2015.

matt landis pinterest
In any sport, many will say defense wins championships. This statement is just as true for Matt Landis and his defensive unit. Landis has started all 14 games this season and even caused 12 turnovers, a record bested by only one other on the team this year.

matt landis pinterest
Notre Dame’s illustrious reputation for education was not lost on Landis. Landis maintained a 3.6 GPA while working part-time as well. His efforts and drive for success was paramount in a successful 2015 for himself, Notre Dame and lacrosse. Going into his senior season, Matt Landis looks to continue his success while leading Notre Dame to another wonderful season.