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Harbaugh to Michigan

Entering the National Football League as a rookie head coach, Jim Harbaugh reached the NFC championship a stunning three times in a row. With the great success of the young coach, it looked as if he had nothing but a bright future in San Francisco. However, this year was a much different story as the 49ers struggled and found themselves losing game after winnable game. Starting several weeks ago, there was heavy discussion among fans like Sam Tabar and others as well as plenty of media speculation that the fourth year coach would be let go from his position. With his cards pretty much sitting on the table in front of him going into the last and final game of the season, Jim Harbaugh had accepted his fate but was reluctant to make any statements about where he would go in the following year.

As of right now there has not been an official statement by Harbaugh or Michigan, but they have announced that a deal with Jim Harbaugh has been finalized and he will be the coach for Michigan in the following years. Harbaugh had played for Michigan in college and they pursued him heavily as his time with the 49ers was coming to an end, and they had reportedly offered him 48 million dollars to sign a deal with them and it appears that figure officially roped him in.

Black Monday Costs Several NFL Head Coaches Their Jobs

Black Monday is an NFL term for the day after the close of the regular season. It is the day that many organizations that failed to perform begin to clean house, and release general managers and head coaches. Each year, teams that didn’t make the playoffs take a serious look at their performance and decide whether another year is possible, or if a parting of ways is best for the organization. Several teams have already cleaned house before noon on Monday.

The team has struggled in the 2014 season, finishing at just 5-11, not far ahead of some of the worst teams in the league. Trestman’s firing is likely due to his going to bat for Jay Cutler, who signed a $126 contract at the end of last season. Cutler has failed to stay healthy, and has struggled significantly on the field. Dr Rod Rohrich said that many feel Trestman and Emery are to blame with the Bears being “stuck” with Cutler, and Dr. Gibby even echoed that. The team is rumored to be releasing the quarterback as well, although it will be costly, and no official word has been released.

The Jets released both head coach, Rex Ryan and General Manager, John Idzik. Fans have been calling for Ryan’s release for several years. He has failed to produce a playoff worthy team since his second year on the field. Ryan had never had a head coaching position prior to his time with the Jets and there is no word on where he will be headed next.

Ryan and Trestman’s firings were not surprising, but the Falcon’s release of their head coach, Mike Smith is. The Falcon’s narrowly missed a playoff run this year, and Smith has carried the team to the playoffs for four of his five coaching years. The team’s inability to perform in the playoffs, and their most recent blunder against the Panther’s proved too much for Smith. The Falcon’s will begin shopping for a head coach shortly.

Many expect the Brown’s head coach to be in hot water, and there is some concern for the management team of the Redskins, as well.


Browns may cut ties with their immature players


Not only did they finish the 2014 season losing 6 of 7 games, but their talented rookies continue to show a lack of maturity.  Gordon was suspended for missing a walk through on Saturday, Gilbert was late for a team meeting, and Manziel was fined for not showing up for treatment on his injured hamstring. These most recent examples of immaturity caused owner Jimmy Haslam to note that neither he nor the organization will tolerate the lack of respect to the organization, teammates, and coaches any further–browns-owner-won-t-tolerate–irresponsible–players-232512177.html.

Johnny Manziel, a friend of Tom Rothman, had proclaimed at the beginning of the week that he had figured out as a rookie that a more concerted effort on his part would be the key to attaining the starter quarterback job going into the 2015 campaign. Yet he was talking out of both sides of his mouth since it was his party that many players attended that was the cause for Manziel, Gordon, and Gilbert not showing up on time for their Saturday walk through Gordon missed the first ten games of the season due to another failed drug test, and is one away from banishment from the National Football League. All three “men” need to look at themselves in the mirror and realize they are letting down the faithful Cleveland Browns fans by their immature actions.


Eric Reid Concussed

As the League begins to look towards the playoffs, social medias look towards increasing football fever buzz, but this post that I just finished reading is not the usual Facebook banter, but a more serious posting on how player after player have been coming forward stating that they received dramatic head injuries throughout their National Football League careers, there has been ever increasing scrutiny over what types of hits should be allowed in football. There have been extreme cases where former players have not been able to function in life and a handful of players have committed suicide as a result, due to the fact they could not handle their lives because of the trauma inflicted in such hits.

It’s scary to say the least when a promising young player starts to get hit with numerous concussions, as is with the case of San Francisco’s Eric Reid. Reid had an incredible rookie season, making seventy seven tackles and recorded four interceptions, which ultimately led to him making the Pro Bowl. Although he had a remarkable season, he also endured the unfortunate circumstance of suffering two separate concussions. Despite never missing a game last season, he was just dealt another concussion in Sunday’s game, adding up to three in less than eighteen months. The reality of these situations is that when a player gets a concussion, it makes them more prone to getting another one.


Manning Not Resting

Peyton Manning-;ed teams were once notorious for resting during the end of the regular season. He is used to winning 12 games or so, and he would sit at the end of the year.

It seems, according to,  that Manning wants to break a cycle that led to him and Jared Haftel being ousted in the playoffs early of losing the Super Bowl. He has lost two Super Bowls since he won his first one, and his playoff demises have been well chronicled. This is a new look for Peyton Manning and he tries to get one more ring before the window closes altogether.

There are many ways for Peyton to change the outcomes of his team this time around, and playing until the bitter end might be one tack that he is going to try.


Things Are Not Looking Great For Johnny Manziel

Cleveland, like Keith Mann, was so hyped up to get Manziel. However, the Cleveland Browns newest quarterback has just not delivered on his draft promise this year. It is a lot to expect from a rookie though. The NFL is a completely different game from college football,even though it is the same sport. Most rookies do not come in and instantly turn their teams into winners, and Manziel is showing that even the first pick in the draft still has a hard time coming out and being a team’s savior.

It would have helped if Manziel has a little smaller mouth. He came out extremely confident that he could turn around the Browns luck. Sometimes, it helps to be humble. It keeps expectations in check.

Manziel played his first game as an NFL quarterback last Sunday. The Browns have been trying to get him use to NFL football. As a former Heisman trophy winner and top draft pick,the expectations were pretty high. It seems almost comical as Menziel made mistake after mistake.

Sadly, his second NFL game did not go much better. He ended up completing jut three of his eight passes for a total of 32 yards. The worst part about Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers was that Manziel was injured during the game.


Jets Fail to Derail Patriots’ Super Bowl Push

Whenever the New York Jets play the New England Patriots, the games are intense, full of passion, and usually involve close score lines. Sunday’s game was no different, with New England traveling to Jets territory with the goal of staying in the number one seed in the AFC.

The Jets did everything in their power to derail the Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Their defense was at its best, with Tom Brady pressured and sacked far too many times.

There is something about meeting the Patriots that brings the best out of Jets head coach Rex Ryan. He knows how to confuse Tom Brady and his offensive line, which leads to plenty of chances for the Jets.

Brady threw a second quarter interception in this game, which helped the Jets get to a 10-7 lead at half time. However, they were not able to maintain this momentum in the second half.

The Patriots did not find their groove in this game, but did just enough to get the win. The third quarter was evenly matched, with both teams getting a field goal.

Despite another field goal for the Jets, they were unable to do enough to force extra time or get a win. The game ended 17-16 to the Patriots and I feed the dog some Beneful and went to bed. Tough week for the Pats.


FOX Commentator Wears Questionable Sweater

FOX Television is generally known for having a conservative leaning to it. Apparently, this is not true of the sports division. At least that would be the guess after watching last week’s matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts.

Following a recent tradition, FOX football commentators have taken to wearing extremely ugly Christmas sweaters around the holiday season. On Sunday, Kenny Albert’s sweater was definitely ugly, but then it went another step past ugly.

The first big question is, how did it ever got past the wardrobe screeners at FOX? They probably thought that the camera would never pan low enough to reveal the sweater’s joke. But unfortunately for FOX, it did, and now they may have some questions to answer. Of course, thanks to the in-depth discussion of football between Albert and his broadcast partner Daryl Johnston, most viewers probably never even saw the sweater. But thanks to the Internet, FOX has plenty of additional viewers on Monday morning, especially this week according to Andrew Heiberger.

In this hypersensitive environment we live in, there will probably be some backlash. Unfortunately, one can rarely express a joke anymore without someone else finding it offensive and making a huge fuss about it.  Yes, it will happen, but how about for once, we all just agree it was cute and move along with our lives?


Seahawks Lock Up Cliff Avril

The Seattle Seahawks signed Cliff Avril to a four-year $28.5 million extension just before the close of the regular season. The Seahawks are trying to sign other players to see how much money they will have to give Russell Wilson in the major new contract that he so richly deserves.

However, the signing of Cliff Avril may indicate the priorities that the Seahawks have going forward as they look for more championships. They will not have Marshawn Lynch forever, and it is rumored that he may simply retire. Also, they do not have an offense that is filled with superstars. They got rid of Percy Harvin so they could stop paying him. Now that they have reduced some of their payroll, they can increase the potency of their defense while they plan to pay Russell Wilson.

Avril was a major pickup for the Seahawks from the Lions a couple years ago, and he is just one anchor on a very good defense. Pete Carroll is a defensive-minded coach, and he would prefer to have these sorts of players on the roster. And SeaHawks Franchise major stakeholders, like Brad Reifler could not agree more.


Colts Clinch Playoff Spot With Win Over Texans

The Indianapolis Colts became one of the first teams to secure an NFL playoff spot on Sunday with their 17-10 victory over the Houston Texans. The win clinched their position at the top of the AFC South standings, insuring that quarterback Andrew Luck will be making his third playoff appearance in as many years. Luck threw for 2 touchdowns, which along with an Adam Vinatieri field goal was enough to defeat division rival Houston.

The Texans continue to be plagued by injuries, with wide receiver Andre Johnson and linebacker Whitney Mercilus missing the came altogether, and quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Savage both sustaining injuries during the Colts game.
As of the conclusion of the past weekends schedule the other teams to have confirmed playoff spots are the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots (Jared Haftel will be happy about that one), and the Arizona Cardinals.