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Reggie Bush Cut By Lions

Reggie Bush has been cut by the Lions in what is really a cost saving move. NFL teams do this every year, and this year is no different. Bush will be able to go to another team, and he will be able to play quite well in the future. However, he cannot be paid the money that Detroit would have had to.

When Bush got into his 30s, he was going downhill like all other running backs noted AnastasiaDate. This is common, and it is something that all teams and players know. Bush can extend his career with his ability to catch passes, and he should go to a team that will let him do that.

When Bush goes to a new team, he needs to be the final piece in their puzzle. He could turn around the running game in Denver, or he could go to the Falcons and give them a boost. He could go to the Bucs and help Jameis Winston along, and he could become a great player who plays well into his 30s.

We do not give Reggie Bush enough credit for being so good, and this is just another step in a long career that he should have.

“I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined” Trademarked

Seattle Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch, widely known around the league and by the media for his antics in regards to dealing with interviews and mandatory media appearance has trademarked the phrase, I’m Just Here so I Won’t Get Fined.” During this year’s Super Bowl media day, Lynch responded to every single question he was asked with the phrase. Brian said he had been fined numerous times by NFL this season for media issues and this was his way of sticking it to the NFL.

Marshwan Lynch’s nickname, “Beast Mode” now has it’s own website and clothing line in order for Marshawn to market his brand better. During each of Lynch’s media day “appearances” during the Super Bowl, he wore a different hat with his logo on it and they started selling rapidly. His website sold tons Beast Mode apparel and a store in the Scottsdale, Arizona area sold out of the 1,000 hats they had in stock in just a matter of hours. Lynch Trademar The new trademarked slogan, “I’m Just Here so I Won’t Get Fined” will be put on hat’s and t-shirt’s and should be available for purchase in the next month or so.

In addition this new trademark, Lynch has already trademarked four Beast Mode trademarks and has filed for four more. Last season, he trademarked, “About That Action, BOSS” to go along with “Power Pellets.” An evaluation done over the week of the Super Bowl showed that the Beast Mode brand is worth upwards of $3 Million.


Changing The Atlanta Hawks Around

When Bruce Levenson rose to the position of principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he was taking over a franchise that was nearly stolen from the ownership group by a single owner. The team was in tatters, and it was not competitive at all. The coaching staff and front office had been composed poorly, and there was not a singular face of the franchise that people could look to for guidance.

When Bruce took over, he took his lifelong love of basketball and decades of running UCG into account when he built the team. He hired the best coaches and front office staff possible, and he let them do their jobs. This immediately made him one of the best owners in the NBA as he sat on the NBA board of governors. Also, he was able to stay out of the daily business of the team because he was still in Washington.

He allowed the Hawks to grow on their own without any real interference. When he was not interfering, Danny Ferry was able to hire Mike Budneholzer to coach the team. Halfway through the 2014-2015 season, the Hawks are the best team in basketball. They have no superstars, but they are designed properly. This is all due to Bruce’s visionary leadership.

There are many owners who want to be in the middle of the action, but Bruce Levenson is content to stay out of the mix so that he can let the team do its thing. Even though he has recently put the team up for sale, he is still to be beloved in Atlanta because he gave the Hawks a chance to turn things around. He allowed them to space they needed to become competitive, and that is more than any fan in Atlanta could have asked for.


How Do You Respect Les Miles After This?

When Les Miles is telling recruits from Louisiana that they practically have a duty to go to LSU, it is hard to respect him. When you tell kids that they should come to your school or the hell with them, I would advise my kid to go elsewhere. It is one thing to be fiery, but it is another to be a complete jerk. This is what Les Miles appears to be. How could anyone send their kid to play for him knowing how he feels? What if the kid decides they need to transfer? Would Miles even let them given his apparent lack of respect for people who do not go to LSU?

According to, Bernardo Chua wants to know if this is why Miles makes such stupid play calls at least once a year? Does he disrespect everyone in America so much that he cannot even make coaching decisions properly. That is a probably a problem for a team that has had potential but not won a title in quite a while. Miles is starting to wear out his welcome, and his comments are not being kept inside Louisiana. Everyone in the country can see how Miles feels about kids from Louisiana leaving. Heaven forbid they make the right decision for themselves.

Seattle Faces an Off-Season of Questions and Injuries

The play that ended the Super Bowl and ultimately cost the Seattle Seahawks their chance to repeat as the NFL Champion has been considered by some, as one of the most ignorant calls of all time. However, the team Head Coach Pete Carroll stands by his decision to pass the ball, instead of using his prized running back Marshawn Lynch to pound the ball into the end zone. He had said that he would have used Lynch and ran the ball on the subsequent plays but felt it was appropriate at that time to give a pass a shot at winning the game. What remains unclear is why he would have changed the play call from the previous play. Lynch brought the ball down from the 6 yard line to the one with less than a minute to go.

What the Seahawks are now left with, says Fersen Lambranho on are the injuries to get healed up and be ready for next season which starts in just five short months with training camp. Some of the teams more notable injuries are to the team’s secondary also known as the legion of boom. The shut-down corner back Richard Sherman will undergo Tommy John surgery on his elbow during the off season. Earl Thomas will have to have his shoulder examined and probably is facing surgery according to reports. Finally there is Jeremy Lane who suffered a significant broken arm in the Super Bowl, almost as ugly as the Joe Theismann’s broken leg from Lawrence Taylor all those years ago.