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Eating Your Way to a Healthy Brain

Dr. Daniel Amen has been a world renowned psychiatrist for a very long time. He has focused his career on the betterment of everyone through maintaining a healthy brain. One of the ways that we can do that, is by focusing on the proper nutrition. There are many foods that help and he has taken the time to list them all, as well as formulating other amazing programs that can help in that area.

On his list of nutritional tips, the number one thing is increasing water intake. It is surprising how many people simply do not drink water. Dr. Daniel Amen informs us that our brains are made up of around 80% of water. That is a lot! To keep the brain healthy, keeping it hydrated is the most important step. Dehydration can cause a lot of issues, especially in the long run. If we are unhealthy mentally, we will be unhealthy physically. If we take care of our bodies with the proper nutrition, we will feel healthy and happy. We will be able to maintain our physical health, while focusing on brain health. It is a fantastic approach.

He believes that we should up our water intake, pay attention to our caloric intake, and eat foods rich in antioxidants. By taking in more antioxidants, you can help prevent any possible brain issues such as Alzheimer’s. All while remaining alert in the meantime. For those with weight issues, this is beneficial as well. Focusing on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats can make a huge difference in your life providing an overall health increase in every part of your body.

With Dr. Amen’s food recommendations, those that follow them find that they are feeling healthier physically and mentally. There are common mental health issues that could be helped without simply taking pills for it. There is a direct correlation between diet and ADD, for example. With a healthy diet, effects of that issue may very well cease to exist.

He also recommends alternatives to what most people are used to snacking on. There are many ways to snack healthy. For example, he recommends dried fruit and vegetables. If there is a lack of protein in your diet, you could also bring nuts along to snack on. Fighting the cravings for unhealthy meals and snacks can be difficult, but with consistency many people find that their tastes change and they appreciate healthier options.

Amen has written about foods that help to put people into good moods, which is perfect for so many that may suffer from depression. Foods such as walnuts, spinach, lean proteins, and saffron can help stabilize moods. This is for various reasons, but the nutrients have a direct correlation with the way our brains run. It is always best to take care of yourself and your brain for a full picture of good health.