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Freedom Fighter who Inspires Many Souls Around the Globe

Yeonmi Park is a 21 year old lady who defected from North Korea and is fast becoming a common face and voice of the people of North Korea and Asia at large who are oppressed, as well as becoming a living inspiration for freedom fighters all around the world. She defected and to the surprise of many, her country with the fifth largest army in the world, nuclear power and other ongoing research on military weapons decided to denounce her on the 31st of January 2015. A website that is run and managed by Kim Jong Um’s government posted an 18-minute long video with a title ‘The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet, Yeonmi Park’ to deliver the information to her and the country. This was the latest lame attacked that was aimed at putting a zip on the charismatic and outspoken critic of the world’s most secretive and repressive regime Yeonmi. The country has seen attackers (activists and critics) go through suffering after unlawful charges being imposed on them with most of them eventually becoming defectors. Becoming a defector is always a death wish but Yeonmi is one lady who is not intimidated or threatened easily, she is the North Korean Iron Lady.

Yeonmi released a book on Amazon, she was born in Heysan to a middle level civil servants in a society that devoted to worshipping the nation’s leader and show absolute hatred to anyone who shows disagreements with North Korean regime. A society that teaches you what to feel think and say and an obscene teaching of never put your trust in anyone. She got so bitter and angered at age of nine when she witnessed in disbelief her best friend’s mother executed by a firing squad for an offence that was not worth taking one’s life. Yeonmi grew up in this environment until she tasted what freedom feels like after smuggling and watching a film Titanic, which gave her a totally different view and life in another world. She leant that people in the other world were willing to die for love, as well as for state.

The journey of becoming a freedom fighter has not been easy for Yeonmi. She once gave an emotional confession amid tears in an interview with a forum named Women in The World Summit that Kim Jong um does not like her at all. He viewed her as a traitor for exposing what the dictatorial North Korean government wants children to be taught in schools. She said that the systems aim is to corrupt the young minds that the outside world is dangerous, impure and disgusting to live in. North Korea is the best place to be. Once, when she was 13 years and after fleeing her country with her mother into China, she went through her worst experience when a man wanted to rape her. Instead, her mother offered herself, and she watched the man do such a barbaric act on her mother. She escaped with her mother to Mongolia, and this was the beginning of a journey that she swore she will fight until death. She has gone ahead to write books and expose reality of Kim Jong Um’s brutal regime.

Lacrosse Sensation Matt Landis

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Being named as Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year could be one person’s claim to fame. For Notre Dame’s lacrosse defenseman, it’s just another accolade to add to his sterling career so far. 2015 has been a massive year for this lacrosse sensation. Notre Dame’s legacy as a successful lacrosse team is only continuing with Matt Landis leading the team. Even though the team’s success is his ultimate goal, he is being awarded for his amazing efforts for driving the team to being the number one seed in the ACC Championship. His outstanding campaign this season saw him stop Albany’s top player Lyle Thompson to only 1 goal in 11 attempts. This resulted in him winning the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week; a first of the season for any defender. His efforts and amazing season helped Notre Dame, as a team, boast 7 All-Americans; a school record. Landis was recognized by NCAA as a top defensive player for 2015.

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In any sport, many will say defense wins championships. This statement is just as true for Matt Landis and his defensive unit. Landis has started all 14 games this season and even caused 12 turnovers, a record bested by only one other on the team this year.

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Notre Dame’s illustrious reputation for education was not lost on Landis. Landis maintained a 3.6 GPA while working part-time as well. His efforts and drive for success was paramount in a successful 2015 for himself, Notre Dame and lacrosse. Going into his senior season, Matt Landis looks to continue his success while leading Notre Dame to another wonderful season.


Unicorn Lipstick and Zodiac Glitter: It’s a Doe Deere World

Businesswoman Doe Deere has created an amazing beauty world of fantasy and fairy tale- where Unicorn Lipstick and Zodiac Glitter are of the norm. Young women around the world are discovering a new and modern way to wear makeup. Instead of cosmetics quietly conforming to traditional ideals, Lime Crime makeup breaks all the rules!

Doe Deere developed her own line of cosmetics after rarely being able to hunt down a makeup palette that was wild and free. Doe was active in fashion design and in the music world with a band of her own; creative self-expression was essential for Doe, as it often is for young women everywhere.

In October 2008, debuted, and the slogan was a winner:
“So bright, it’s illegal.”

So, that is how Lime Crime was born, out of sheer necessity and Doe Deere has never looked back.

Lime Crime makeup is crazy colorful! If someone really wants a red smoky eye, then her wish is granted; there is a shade for that. If someone is dying to put on banana yellow lipstick, she certainly can. That’s what Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company does so well- break the rules and do it with style and sass.

Some young women find Lime Crime makeup to be quite empowering; in other words, the bold and pigmented colors allow girls to experiment with makeup and try on pretty powerful colors. It’s a cool way to gain self-confidence and a better self-esteem.

Buying Doe Deere’s makeup online is quick and easy at She is highlighting two, new lipsticks with an autumnal vibe called Squash and Jinx, and OMG, are they sexy! Squash is glow-stick orange, while Jinx is a witch-berry purple. Both unforgettable shades are from Lime Crime’s Velvetines Lipstick collection.

Doe Deere describes her Velvetines line as “The original liquid-to-matte lipstick,” and she ain’t kidding! This formula stays put for hours and hours. The colors are so rich and modern.

Plus, all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan, and we all like that! The popular company offers edgy choices in their lipsticks, eye makeup and nail polishes. The Zodiac Glitter eye shadows are especially cool and unique. There are 12, of course, one for each birthday and especially fun to mix and match.

Lime Crime makeup has taken the world of cosmetics by storm. The red lip used to be a daring statement-making beauty concept; today, a squash-colored lip is the true beauty changer, thanks to the creative genius of Doe Deere.

Another fact that is often missed about the company and the woman is the charities that benefit. Doe Deere and Lime Crime believe in giving back to women, children and animals. A few recipients include, Girls Inc., Red Cross, Adopt NY and Sanctuary for Families.

Doe Deere has a big heart for all living things on the planet.


There Are Many Lacrosse Camps That Will Inspire Young People

What could be more exciting for a young person to do with their time than to spend it on the thing that they love most in life? Every teen who greatly enjoys lacrosse should be allowed the chance to attend a lacrosse camp at some point in their life. There are so many great lacrosse camps out there, and there is a place for everyone who loves lacrosse to go to to learn more about the sport. They will come away filled with much knowledge, and they will start to love the sport even more after all that they will learn about it at camp.
One camp that is dedicated to the youth that it is teaching about lacrosse more than any other is the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This camp was founded by former lacrosse player Jon Urbana, and those who attend are able to learn from the best. They are able to learn from people who have played lacrosse for their career and who have loved it for a long time.
The Next Level Lacrosse Camp is special in many ways due to the initiatives that Urbana has implemented, and every youth who is lucky enough to attend it will find themselves having a great time. They’ll be able to learn everything that they have ever wanted to about the sport, and they might find themselves coming to love it more than they ever have before. Attending the camp will help them to grow not only in the sport, but also as a person.
Many people consider sending their kids to camp, but they might never actually do that. When their youth loves lacrosse, though, there should be nothing holding them back from doing that. There are some great lacrosse camps out there, and when their child attends a lacrosse camp they will be able to learn a lot about it.



Autumn has just come with its smell of fallen leaves and rainy days, and together with it come some new and unusual makeup trends promoted by certain companies. With the new season, this is a perfect opportunity to purchase new and controversial makeups that will incorporate new and bright colors into women’s look. When talking about controversial things, Lime Crime is undeniably the name that best fits this brand, and this time of the year is perfect for Lime Crime’s unusual colors to come into plan.
This company was founded by Miss Deere in 2008 when she decided to find the makeup that would keep pace with her vivid and bright imagination, because this is what Lime Crime is all about. It all started with the fact that a model, blogger and makeup artist who herself called ‘Unicorn Queen’ could not find the right cosmetics that would be bright and unique at the same time. Her focus was on creating the most pigmented and vivid cosmetics that will be used not just for covering imperfections but also for expressing women’s personality. Unlike many other companies that are based on the same things, the Lime Crime’s team of professionals did their best to create something completely different, and they, together with their founder, managed to create a fantasy through beauty. How is this possible? Well, one should just take a look at its wild and non-traditional colors which are included in your eye shadow palettes, lipsticks collection and the quirky set of nail polish.
Miss Deere’s inspiration for creating this unusual cosmetics brand was found in her love for fairy tales, mermaids and mystical creatures, and her dream was to find the line that will embody this world, and the idea of her childhood fantasies. This is the line that stands for individuality and imagination, and this can be best seen in her eye shadow palettes.
Lime Crime lip collection includes unusual names, such as: Cosmopop, D’Lilac, Airborne Unicorn, My Beautiful Rocket, Great Pink Planet, etc. Since they are quite pigmented, one does not have to apply them several times in order to get the right color. Due to their unusual design, they can resist coffee and lunch stains, and the scent is quite pleasant and attractive. Take, for instance, Airborne Unicorn. It’s durable and its purple pink shade can help one express her personality. Also, the price is reasonable, and one will not regret it once they try out any of these lipsticks.
As far as nail polish collection is concerned, it will leave everyone speechless. The first option can be Parfait Day, which will surely bring warmth during these cool and rainy days. Crema de Limon nail polish will definitely refresh one’s nails, with its bright yellow color that can be contrasted with the color of autumn’s leaves. Some other attractive options are Pastelchio, Once in a Blue Mousse, Lavendairy and Milky Ways, all of them perfect to keep pace with new autumn colors.
So, for those who were thinking about perfect cosmetics for this autumn, Lime Crime offers incredible options with unusual colors that will mark this season in the best possible way.


Bruce Levenson Gives Back

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. with big dreams in mind. He co-founded the company UCG (United Communications Group) in a storage room above his fathers liquor store. Just a year after starting the company UCG won its first journalism award for editorial excellence. Since then, it has won over 125 such awards. It was even recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in the Washington metropolitan area. The company is based in Washington D.C. and is flourishing. There are now offices in Europe and Asia and employs over 1,000 people. UCG is a private company that specializes in data, analysis for healthcare, mortgage banking and technology to name a few. It was one of the first business information companies to deliver its information online. He is also a director of TechTarget, which serves as the online intersection of serious technology buyers. It targets technical content and technology providers worldwide. Interesting enough he is also a partner in Gasbuddy which helps users find low priced gasoline in their areas. Over 45 million people have downloaded the app. Bruce is also very much so interested in cooking and food. He co-founded DOT which is a cooking technology that can toast sliced bread in just three seconds.

Bruce Levenson was also a majority partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which is a group of people who own the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He recently hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the team at $730 million.

Bruce also serves on the board of the Specialized Information Industry, Community Foundation of Washington, DC, Hoop Dreams Foundation and was the president of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Washington. He has made significant donations to the SEED Foundation and the U.S. Holocaust Museum as his mother in law is a Holocaust survivor. He and his wife Karen created the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland. The goal for this center is to educate and empower non-profit leaders. Giving them the tools they need to succeed within their philanthropic endeavors. The also want to ensure that every student graduating from the University of Maryland graduates with all of the information they need to be a motivated philanthropist. In their classes they sometimes bring in prominent philanthropists as guest speakers. Each class gives away $10,000 to non-profit organizations based on a thorough assessment of proposals, site visits and a class vote.