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Appreciating the Contribution of Ricardo Guimarães to Stabilizing BMG


One of the greatest challenges companies have to handle is the ever souring competition and new companies that are flocking the market. BMG is among few companies that have been listed to have managed to succeed in the Brazilian market despite the fact there are many other banks that offer competition. Ricardo Guimarães has worked to ensure BMG maintains its reputation by having a series of sponsorship projects. They have especially worked with upcoming players to help them achieve their goals. In a recent development, Ricardo Guimarães explains they have signed an agreement with Marcelo Melo, a popular tennis player, whom they intend to offer support during and after the forthcoming Olympics competitions in 2016.

According to an article available through, Ricardo Guimarães has worked to ensure the player gets all necessary materials to help him hone his skills to the required level. This is among some of the projects BMG has financed and they have worked so well in offering a marketing tool for the company. Ricardo Guimarães has also explained the commercial agreement signed between BMG and Marcelo Melo may be extended after the next sporting season. This will help the athlete to hit international levels and maintain his dedication to achieve great levels of success.

This partnership with BMG will be necessary in helping the athlete prepare for the challenges ahead. It will also be a great way to help him explore his abilities and talent. The company is fully committed to supporting serious individuals who are ready to work with them. They have also been identified as one of the best companies for offering support to corporate social projects, something that has earned BMG a positive reputation. This agreement will feature support in kind and monetary support that will help to avail training materials and all necessary items that can help Marceo Melo to hone his skills.

As Ricardo Guimarães puts it, supporting sporting activities has worked well for the company in the pats as they have been able to get a better position in the market. This has worked to build their reputation and to help BMG get a better share of the market. Among projects they have supported in the past, football teams have been most successful as they have been able to develop talents which have turned ordinary players to internationally recognized professionals. With this spirit, BMG will be able to achieve its goals and plans.

James Dondero Has Success in Many Roles

James Dondero is a prominent businessman and investment manager based out of Dallas who has over 30 years of business and investing experience. He graduated in the top of his class from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a dual degree in accounting and finance. After graduating, he started his career as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program before becoming a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager with American Express. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer for a subsidiary of Protective Life where he was able to grow this subsidiary from start-up to $2 billion in business. In 1993, Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada where they were at the forefront in developing the collateralized loan obligation market. CLOs are investments backed by corporate loans where the investor receives regular payments on the loans, and they assume most of the risk in the event these loans go into default. Highland Capital offers many products to suit the needs and investment strategies of its investors. They offer 15 mutual funds in six different categories, and they provide a number of alternative investment opportunities such as real estate, healthcare, oil and gas, emerging markets, and high yielding credit. Since inception, Highland Capital has grown to have over $21 billion of assets under management with offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. In addition to being the co-founder, president, managing partner, and portfolio manager of Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is also the chairman, president, and director of many other companies. To name a few, he serves as director of NeighborCare Inc., Safety-Kleen Inc., American Banknote Corp., MGM Holdings, TerreStar Corp., Leap Wireless International Inc., and Cricket Communication Inc. He is the CEO and chairman of the board for HCM Acquisition Company, chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group and CCS Medical, and chairman of the board of directors with NexBank Capital. Mr. Dondero is also the co-founder, managing partner, portfolio manager, and president of NexPoint Capital, and he holds many of these positions with a number of mutual funds including some of the funds within Highland Capital. James Dondero is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has been able to use his experience as an analyst in the credit and equity markets to help create one of the most successful award winning investment companies in the country. His leadership in other successful businesses has given him insight into how they operate and what makes a business a good investment. This knowledge and insight is used to help grow the assets of Highland Capital’s clients.


Men’s Shoes: Handcrafted Heat For The Winter Season

Winter is almost here and so are the newest styles in men’s shoes. There is nothing like a great pair of shoes for the winter. A good pair will keep you comfortable, a great pair will do it in style. A man’s sense of style is something obviously personal to him. So when a man finds the right designer for his personal style, it is a perfect match.

There is something to be said for hand-crafted shoes as well. The way the leather feels to the touch, the look of the detail to attention and design. All of these are trademarks of a great shoe company. When you make that purchase, you want to feel like a million bucks. The right pair of shoes can definitely do that.

So what’s your style? What gets you ready to go shoe shopping?
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