The president and CEO of NexBank served as a panelist in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Texas Banker’s Association. It covered various subjects on the challenges of community bank leaders. The conference was a great way for leaders in the industry to socialize and learn some excellent ways to help grow smaller community banks and how NexBank is a leader in this area. Here are some of the subjects that were covered.


Organic growth and how branching works were the primary subjects covered. Banks in a community are able to expand, but must do so in calculating risks. The result of expanding too quick is a complete collapse of the system. Procedures on how to take these calculated risks was given to guests at the conference. It was informative and helped guide the participants through strategic ways to grow at a steady rate safely over time.


Programs for investors were also covered extensively for participants. Various investment opportunities and other opportunities were shared for guests to incorporate at their local branches. The ideas were shared via downloadable PDF with steps for this expansion of opportunities. The panels were held to discuss the future steps for the industry and how it has changed over the years.


Social fun and money were the subject matter at the conference that combined, made it a huge success and offered what small bank leaders needed. The steps to grow were easily presented for guests to take back and share with the investors in their own local community.


The night ended with a general discussion about the success of NexBank over the years and the plans for future growth. Investors were discussed, along with the steadily increasing investments received from those investors. It was a complete success and a welcome addition to the Texas financial industry conference’s year.

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