The Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Modeling Agency – October 1, 2015, was founded by Justin Brown in Austin, Texas. When the Brown Agency started in 2010, it became the most respected modeling agency in central Texas. Along with the Helman Talent-South Agency, the two organizations decided to merge as one modeling agency.

The Brown Agency has become one of the most successful modeling companies in acting, fashion, commercial videos, television, film making, photo shots, industrial videos, voice over, runway modeling, catalog companies, and other promotional events as well. Overtime, this agency will be headquartered in Austin, Texas with other offices in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Justin Brown, 35, will be merging the Helman Talent-South Agency, with the Brown Agency. The agency will offer different kinds of professional modeling and acting services available to their clients. Also, the agency will be able to deliver the most professional, elegant and professional talent on a wider scale.

Years ago, Justin Brown worked his way through college modeling for $100 an hour. He used to model “rocker jeans,” now they call them “skinny jeans.” He now looks back and laughs at the fact that he worked for $6 an hour washing golf carts during his high school years. He studied business management in college and was more intrigued by what went on behind the photo shots.

According to Market Wired, after seeking different modeling agencies, Justin Brown landed a job as a “development and placement” specialist, training models to become professionals in their field. After training people to become models, he either placed them in jobs or helped them into big-time modeling jobs for different companies.

Justin Brown, 35, was born in Reno, Nevada and grew up in a town named Susanville, California. When he turned 18, he moved to southern California seeking modeling jobs. As soon as Justin Brown landed his first job with a modeling agency, he searched for other modeling agencies who would accept him. He eventually started learning the tricks of the trade.

Once accepted into the “world of modeling” models had to have the right kind of appearance for different photo shots. When these people had an attractive appearance, they helped them move into bigger modeling agencies, placing 20 to 30 percent of talented, attractive young people in the best modeling agencies around the world.

In 2005, Justin moved to Austin, Texas and started a modeling agency. When he first started his company, he named it Helman South-Talent Agency and now he is merging this agency with the Brown Modeling Agency. Over the years, it has grown to become the most successful modeling company placing young, talented people with the skills in acting and modeling. Many of these young people have landed successful modeling jobs with this modeling agency.

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