Securus Technologies Making a Difference to the Lives of Inmates with Tablet-based Education

According to studies being conducted in prisons, inmates who receive higher education programs helps in the reduction of crime, saving the money of the taxpayers and helping the inmates to live fruitful lives once they are released from the prison. While most of the prisons out there do not offer education to the prisoners, but Securus Technologies is making an effort to change it. By providing tablet-based educational programs through which the inmates can earn credits and degrees, Securus Technologies wants to ensure the safety of the communities to which these incarcerated people are going to return.


Education programs in prison help improve the discipline and the conduct of the inmates. Since the inmates may lose their privilege to earn their degree if they are involved in fights inside the prisons, the inmates are more likely to obey the rules out of fear. It leads to the reduction in violent incidents inside the prison and makes the work of the prison officials much easier. There are less disciplinary problems in prisons and create well-spoken and matured individuals with a new zest for life once they complete their sentencing.


Being a mother of a boy who has been in prison for four years, I have seen how Securus Technologies have changed him for the better. He grew interested in education while inside the prison and earned his degree there. I think being in prison made him realize that he needs to turn his life around once he is outside. Securus Technologies gave him an opportunity to do something useful with his life and become employable once he is outside. He is in a stable job and loves his work. He stays away from trouble and in integrating perfectly into the society. Securus Technologies has been able to do something that I couldn’t do for a long time.



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