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Greg Secker’s Success In Trade Coaching

At 42, Greg Secker has achieved tremendous success than most of his age mates. Greg is a shrewd entrepreneur, trader and public speaker. The trade expert became a multi-millionaire in his twenties. To this end, he engaged in philanthropic activities. Through his flagship investment company, the Knowledge to Action, Greg has incorporated a series of companies, including Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and the Greg Secker Foundation. Using these organizations, the master trader fulfills his passion of improving lives through coaching, education, strategy and support.

Speaking to ideamensch, Greg Secker said that his engagements in foreign exchange at an asset management bank gave him a wealth of knowledge in trading. Later, he achieved overwhelming success by trading from home. With his vast experience and a desire to motivate people, Greg decided to venture into trade coaching. He realized that traders who attended coaching programs were likely to succeed compared to their counterparts who do not have adequate information on trading. Using this analysis, Greg Secker established UK’s first trader coaching company, Learn to Trade. To ensure that his ideas are successful, Greg thinks through the same and tests its feasibility before implementing it. Secker contended that he reads books to gain knowledge and understand issues from other people’s perspective.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker started his career by rendering his services for Thomas Cook Financial services. Later, he joined Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD pioneered online real-time Forex trading where users receive real-time information regarding major foreign exchange transactions. With the passage of time, he joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he interacted with prominent traders across the world. Greg left Mellon to start Learn to Trade, an award winning trade coaching company whose seminars and workshops have been attended by over 200,000 people.

His other companies, SmartCharts, Capital Index and FX Capital, are software, brokerage, and investment ventures. Owing to his success in trading, Greg has been invited to different conferences to share his insights. He has also been featured on leading channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. Through Greg Secker Foundation, Greg has been able to support numerous community initiatives. The foundation seeks to improve people’s lives by enhancing education, leadership, and life skills. The foundation’s portfolio includes Ubuntu Education Fund and Barnardo’s UK. Recently, they supported survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines.

Lime Crime Turns Heads With New Hair Colors

Lime Crime announces that now there is good news for brunettes. The trend setting cosmetic company just launched their new hair dye colors for the dark haired girls. These colors are for those who like the dark side. They have added four new colors to the Unicorn Collection. Unlike the first roll out of bright shades, these colors are dramatically dark. They present Chestnut, which is a very dark maroon. For the purple lovers, they have the color Squid. They also have a dusty gray which is the color Charcoal. Finally, they bring to you Sea Witch, which is a green, the shade of the tail of a mermaid.

All of these fantastic hair dyes guaranteed to have you looking fashionable and trendy. Set yourself apart from the norm, make your own fashion statement with colors that will enhance the most outrageous outfit. The holidays are fast approaching, and you can fall into the season by sporting the Chestnut color during Thanksgiving dinner. Be a part of the Fall theme with hair that will compliment the fabulous colors of the season. Charcoal is a little more subdued, but will add a luxurious look to the decor around you. These two colors are great for work or play. Friends and co-workers at the office will envy your ability to wear these colors, and can only wish to be a brunette.

During the festive season to follow, you can go wild with the mermaid tail green. You will blend right in with the colors of the season. Be the hit of the party with hair color that everyone will not dare to wear. Lime Crime has many products that will help bring out the hues in this color. The lipsticks and glosses will compliment this color perfectly. For a casual gathering with friends, nothing will spark a conversation like the purple hair color. Purple will go well with that basic black outfit, or you can be bold and add more colors to it. Set your own trends with the new hair dyes form Lime Crime. Turn your hair into a conversation piece, and you will turn heads.


Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo Competing To Maintain Their Grand Position

For all the fans of racing, you know or have watched this duo who love racing as a pair in all the races they participate. Maykel Justo who aged 37 and Michel Terpins aged are an unbreakable pair in the racing industry. The pair who competes for Bull Sertões Rally Team recently completed another vital stage in the Sertões Rally in its 25th edition. The pair who are at the top in the overall category has been selected among the top five fastest competitors in the competition holding the 4th position right now with a time of 11 hrs 45min and 23sec.

During the recently held third stage from Aruanã to the Santa Terezinha de Goiás, they had to slow a bit because their vehicles developed some mechanical issues on Monday 21st. They spent a lot of time waiting for help which they never received for quite a long time. One of the vehicles had a knock on the gear bor and could not transmit; this forced Michel Terpins to wait for his partner as he could not race alone while registered as a pair. The best part is that later on, they received some help where the vehicles were repaired and continued with the race and managed to secure the 4th position in the prototype race and the 10th position overall in the race.

Terpins revealed that after experiencing the gearbox failure on one their vehicles, the T-Rex, they only thing they were concerned with was only completing the race, but for winning on that day, they were not sure. He exclaimed that they were doing perfect on the 4th day and expected to perform the best in the coming races. Terpins is now participating his 10th competition since he debuted his racing. He said he wants to consult with his partner and come up with a proper strategy to ensure they perform better in the consecutive year competitions.

Terpins started racing a long time ago in the year 2012 as a motorcycle racer then tuned to car racing under the guidance of his brother and four years later participated in the Brazilian Cross Rally Championship. The pair has been competing together for quite some time and they find it helpful to their strategies.


Rocketship Education: Launching Low-income Students To The Stars

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools. The school system has a team that consist of parents, teachers, leaders, and students. This network works in order to transform the future for disadvantaged communities across the nation. The focus is areas that have little or no access to high quality education.

Rocketship was founded in 2006 with a mission to close the gap of achievement by developing a school model that accelerates student achievement in disproportionate communities in America. Rocketship enlist students’ parents in their students education. That allows the parents to be long-term advocates for their students as well as their communities.

Rocketship has been busy in San Juan working with low-income children as well as those seeking to learn the english language. The population in San Juan of the wealthy and the poor has parted. This separation has left the poor in a bad situation when it comes to education. Rocketship has moved in to bridge that gap, providing quality education to those students who are less fortunate.

In Washington D. C., parents are taking a first hand approach to assist in building the educational foundation of a new charter school, Rocketship Rise Academy. Parents are taking part in the process of interviewing prospective teachers. Those parents’ feedback is having a direct impact on whether a teacher is offered a position with the new school or not. Rocketship has recently been granted the permission by Washington D.C. to open 8 new charter schools in the area.

Administrators are hoping for family involvement with in the school system. Rocketship will be providing an area for student’s parents who are unemployed or just looking for other employment, so they will be able to fill out and submit job applications. This will set a foundation for a better future for not only the student’s educational future but their future as a whole.