Healthcare IT is a term that may not mean much to some people, but to Drew Madden, this is the core of what makes his world. He is a man with a particular interest in healthcare IT, in which he has invested a lot. His academic background prepared him adequately for this interest. He studied industrial engineering with a focus in medical systems from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering.

Drew has been involved in healthcare IT in several places. He worked with Ingenix as a regional sales director before moving on to Nordic Consulting. Drew joined Nordic Consulting Partners in the year 2010, a company renowned for its consulting excellence. During his stay at Nordic, Drew served as the president from 2011 to 2016 during which he steered the company to great heights. The company grew in many facets, increasing its annual revenue from $1000,000 to $130,000,000. This success is attributable to the style of leadership adopted by Mr. Drew.

His ability to build high caliber teams and to establish an attractive company culture has seen him propel Nordic Consulting to such levels of success. At Nordic, Mr. Drew was responsible for consulting, business development and recruiting. He performed these roles with excellence and left the company better than he found it. He gave his best, believing that from what we offer we can make a life.

Drew is an astute entrepreneur who is always on the move. He went on from Nordic and went on to establish the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, where he serves as the managing partner. He did not depart from his passion for healthcare IT and Evergreen healthcare Partners also focuses on healthcare IT and mainly specializes in advisory services and specialized HCIT applications. Drew discloses that the company intends to work for the provision of long-term solutions for its clients.

Mr. Drew Madden is a team player, and this is evident wherever he has gone. Even at the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, he works with a dedicated team comprising of his co-founders Rebecca Bottorff, Aaron Friedman and Jeff Leach. They have forged a formidable team whose ambition is to help healthcare organizations to maximize their resources.

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