Mike Baur Building Switzerland’s Future Businesses

After 20 years as a career banker, Swiss entrepreneur Mike Baur ventures into the start-up business as an investor. Born and Bred in Freiburg, Switzerland, Mike holds business degrees from the University of Rochester and Bern University. At age 16, he began his banking career as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Before age 30, Mike Baur became an advisor at UBS providing advisory services to wealthy Swiss investor. In 2008, he moved to Zurich-based Clariden Leu and held senior positions until 2014. Mike Baur then decided to pursue his passion for helping other entrepreneurs. At the time of Mike’s transition into entrepreneurship, the banking industry was struggling with the post-recession effects.


Before, Mike had assisted several entrepreneurs to refine their pitch and presentation. He saw a need for a business execution platform for top startups in Switzerland to enhance the quality of early-stage startups. In 2014, he partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to co-found the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike serves as the executive chairman and oversees financing and fundraising rounds at the company. The Swiss Startup Factory incubator program aims to mentor and train young Swiss entrepreneurs.


The company also provides funding opportunities and rent-free office spaces for the young business leaders. Through the three-month program, the startup owners network with other entrepreneurs, learn marketing techniques for products and services and how to access funding from investors. Mike also participates in several startup seminars and acted as a jury member during the START Summiteer. The event brought together 30 new startups with a funding of less than $1million to share about their products, business plans, and models. The team of experts then evaluate the startups and rank them based on the three aspects.



Think Reloaded, Mike Baur’s company founded in 2014 is a financial advisory firm targeting affluent clients. Mike assumed the role of deputy managing director of CTI Invest after the company signed an agreement Swiss Startup Factory in January 2016. CTI and Swiss Startup Factory work collectively in training and hosting the Swiss Startup Day. Mike also facilitated the accelerator program an initiative of the Swiss Startup Factory and Goldback Group. He also led the partnership between Fintech Fusion and the Swiss Startup Factory in 2016. Mike also acts as a director at BV4 after the 2016 alliance between the company and the Swiss Startup Company. BV4 specializes in estimating the monetary values of intellectual property, ideas, and inventions.



Mike Baur associates Swiss Startup Factory success with its leader’s financial commitments. The company is among the leading independently financed Startup-focused firms. The co-founders invest significant funds to the Swiss Startup Factory and enterprises they serve. As the Swiss Startup Factory works around creating new businesses in Switzerland, Mike is optimistic about the future of entrepreneurship in the country. Mike opines that young entrepreneurs must be willing to work hard as most people in factories do to succeed. Further, to excel in the startup world, business owners should strive to test the market at the very early stage.


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