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Goettl Air Conditioning Sold to Goodrich

One of the most storied HVAC companies in the country is Goettl Air Conditioning, which first opened its doors in 1939. Since that time, the company has expanded throughout the southwest United States, in the Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Southern California areas. While the company has been very successful over time, it was at a crossroads just a few years ago.


In 2013, the long-time owner of Goettl Air Conditioning decided to sell the business. The business started struggling during the mid-2000s, due largely to the overall housing and financial crisis. While this crisis impacted the entire country, it hit the southwest United States most of all. At this point, the company was not able to compete with other companies in the area that were slashing prices.


In 2013, Goettl Air Conditioning was sold to Ken Goodrich, a business owner that has owned companies in a variety of fields. When Goodrich first bought Goettl Air Conditioning he knew there would be a challenge, but was also confident that the company history would help him to grow. While he has had success due to the strong names, there were a lot of issues needed to rebuild consumer trust. In the years leading up to the sale, the company received a lot of negative press due to unethical business practices.


Since he has taken over Goettl Air Conditioning, Goodrich has looked for ways to improve the operations. The first step in this was to change the mindset of the company to one that was focused on improving customer relations. He has developed a whole new approach to customer service, which has allowed the company to gain and retain customers, even when some other companies in the area are offering much lower prices. Since that time, consumer ratings for service and quality have improved considerably.