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Clay Siegall: Doctor, Scientist & Realist

There are truly some great individuals in this world. People that do things to better mankind should receive all of the credit. Unfortunately, society doesn’t promote such good graces, which results in many unsung heros. Clay Siegall is no exception, and he has literally brought new life back into cancer research. His weapon of choice comes from his very own cancer research organization. Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of this exclusive industry, and it has been that way for quite some time. The company has over 1,000 employees, and it’s one of the largest job producers in the Pacific Northwest. The company has done so well that its stock has tripled over a short span of just five years. That’s right! Seattle Genetics is dominating the field, but in a good, progressive way.

Clay Siegall, president and chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics, have revolutionized this advanced field of work. Siegall is actually one of the co-founders of the company, which came into existence back in 1998. The company’s growth comes from its great cancer fighting drugs. These drugs are anti-body based therapies, and they deliver a shocking blow to cancer cells inside the body. No other drug is on its level at the moment, but Seattle Genetics has many more advanced drugs currently in its pipeline. This is shaking up the industry as aa whole, and it’s letting other companies know that they need to step their games up.

ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, is one of the most popular cancer fighting drugs on the market. Thanks to Siegall’s knowledge of securing licensing deals, these medications are now being used in 65 countries worldwide. Siegall also does a lot of public and private fundraising, which helps the company pay for cutting-edge technology. This is investment 101 at its finest. Clay Siegall has made a name for himself as well as Seattle Genetics. With this brilliant minded individual steering the ship, cancer will experiences a death blow of its own.