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Lori Senecal To Bow Out of Advertising at The End of 2017

Lori Senecal who is the acting CEO of CP&B Global will be exiting her role at the company as well as in the advertising business at the end of 2017. Presently, Lori is working with CP&B Chairman Chuck Porter in efforts to fill her position before she leaves.

Chuck Porter clarifies that having Senecal at the company was one the best move for the organization as she is management genius with excellent organization skills. Moreover, ever since Lori came on board the company has never lost a single client,

It is because of Senecal’s strong negotiation skills that CP&B managed to land American Airlines as a client thereby increasing the company’s international presence. Lori managed to poach American Airlines form TM Advertising which had managed its accounts for close to three decades in the past.

Danielle Aldrich was promoted to the Presidency post of CP&B West that includes the Boulder and Los Angeles offices from being the co-managing director in Boulder. Aldrich has worked at the agency for more than a decade and had worked with Burger King, an iconic customer of CP&B as well as Hershey’s American Airlines and According to Senecal, Aldrich was the best candidate for the job as she embodied the firms DNA. Check out Adweek to see more.

According to Campaignlive, having set up the global team for the company, Senecal expresses her confidence on the future of the organization and her decision to leave. Moreover, Lori believes that she went above and beyond in her role as the CEO of CP&B which makes her time at the enterprise fulfilling. According to her, she plans on retiring from the ad industry completely.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is in charge of CP +B global growth and expansion as well as management of the company’s ten offices located in several parts of the country. Lori started working at CP+B in 2015 and ever since she has brought significant impact to the firm’s business and culture. For this reason, Lori Senecal was named Ad Age’s Women to watch in 2014 as well as Agency Executives to watch in 2016. Also, Fast Company recognized Lori as a revolutionary leader in the future of business, and this made her be named the Most Creative People in Business in 2017. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Before her role at CP +B, Lori was the Global Chairman and CEO of KBS where she also left an impeccable track record by growing the company from a 250 person domestic firm to over 900 people globally. This made the company be honored as one of the Best Places to Work in NYC, and it won the award for Standout Agencies for three consecutive years under Lori’s leadership. Before KBS, Senecal worked as the president of the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson and Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann World Group.

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Why Prisons Need a Dedicated Communication, and Learn More about Rick Smith

Have you ever noticed that companies had dedicated services specialized for their departments? For example, hospitals have a system that lets them use a specialized and extensive database to store some data about their health conditions and other characteristics. On the same note, a telecommunication provider needs a dedicated service of technical engineers to preemptively help fix unexpected issues that can happen with their communication, and they need a quick repair to keep their staff working.

As the world of business becomes more centered in providing specialized treatment for different and reclusive niches, prisons and correction agencies are not distinct from this reality. For example, if a company that sells products need a third-party telecommunication provider, can that same corporation provide telephone services for a prison where hundreds of inmates make phone calls every day? Probably not. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Likewise, prisons and the law enforcement department need a dedicated telephone service. One of the providers that offer telephone communication across the U.S. is the Securus Technologies enterprise, created by Rick Smith, who is the President and CEO of the firm.

Rick Smith is leading Securus Technologies, and he has found great success in his niche because of one simple characteristic of the group: A focus on security and monitoring the phone calls if needed. Although that doesn’t sound that appealing to other types of companies, for a correction agency, the option to analyze past conversations through the telephone is essential in finding a corrupted staff or a prisoner having a criminal behavior.

Because of this reason, Rick Smith is now the President of one of the most influential companies in the communication market for that department. Apart from their original philosophy of investing in security, they also develop new ways to implement communication and technology together. For example, Rick Smith was the administrator that proposed the usage of cell phone applications to be implemented in prisons and utilize that app to make calls and save them for later monitoring, just like it would be done through the telephone.

The importance of a quality communication is of course important for the entrepreneur Rick Smith as well. The feedback of the inmates of many prisons has been overwhelmingly positive, being centered on the line quality, the vast reach and the efficiency of the communication that the group provides.

According to an inmate in a prison cell next to the vicinity of Florida, the Securus Technologies telephone service allowed him to contact his family much more quickly compared to the phone providers that the agency had hired before, which were offering a telephone service that was always having interference.

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According to Rick Smith, the focus on security was the main thing that allowed the company to skyrocket in just a few years of providing, and the continuous development of new solutions is another great reason why prisons prefer Securus Technologies.


Safeguarding Online Credibility: The Search Fixers Are Experts In Internet Reputation Repair


In today’s increasingly interconnected world, businesses are more obligated than ever before to preserve their online reputation. While consistent, steady delivery of services is remains the cornerstone of commercial success, negative customer reviews and deliberate sabotage by competitors, or even partners and employees can be potentially fatal.

First, online negative reviews have the ability to make or break any company’s success. As ⦁ determined by Nielsen, one of the world’s leading consumer research firms, 68 percent of consumers were influence by online reviews in 2013. This being the case, even a single negative complaint, whether justified or not, can cause disproportionate and uncontainable damage to your reputation. Given the propensity for negative reviews to have far greater impact than positive reviews, and given the availability and viral appeal of customer criticism on the Internet, investing in reputation management solutions is in any modern company’s best interest.

Furthermore, in today’s cutthroat and competitive environment, it’s all too likely for a legitimate business, providing a quality product, to be sabotaged unjustly. This deliberate, methodical assault on a business’s positive image is often spurred by competitors looking to duplicitously maximize their own profit margins and market share. However, even more insidiously, it is often instigated by business partners, employees or disaffected former employees looking to take some revenge and perhaps make some quick money in the process. For all these reasons, it’s imperative for any business to proactively preempt such debilitating blows to its online reputation, and reputation management companies exist precisely to fill that need.

Luckily for business owners, the Search Fixers, ⦁ as seen here, are here to prevent company images from being marred by unwarranted attacks or salvage already brutalized public reputations. With proven and highly qualified search engine optimization (SEO) experts working from the security and stability of the United States, the Search Fixers can address any online reputation management needs, whether they be preventative or reparative in nature. As an introductory offer to prospective new clients, the Search Fixers are promoting themselves by offering a thirty percent discount for their first month of service. While the market for online reputation management is fiercely competitive, any company wanting to be positively perceived in the current Internet-dependent economy would do well to consider investigating and investing in the Search Fixers.


James Dondero Has Success in Many Roles

James Dondero is a prominent businessman and investment manager based out of Dallas who has over 30 years of business and investing experience. He graduated in the top of his class from the University of Virginia in 1984 with a dual degree in accounting and finance. After graduating, he started his career as an analyst with the Morgan Guaranty training program before becoming a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager with American Express. From 1989 to 1993, Mr. Dondero was the Chief Investment Officer for a subsidiary of Protective Life where he was able to grow this subsidiary from start-up to $2 billion in business. In 1993, Mr. Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada where they were at the forefront in developing the collateralized loan obligation market. CLOs are investments backed by corporate loans where the investor receives regular payments on the loans, and they assume most of the risk in the event these loans go into default. Highland Capital offers many products to suit the needs and investment strategies of its investors. They offer 15 mutual funds in six different categories, and they provide a number of alternative investment opportunities such as real estate, healthcare, oil and gas, emerging markets, and high yielding credit. Since inception, Highland Capital has grown to have over $21 billion of assets under management with offices in Dallas, New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. In addition to being the co-founder, president, managing partner, and portfolio manager of Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is also the chairman, president, and director of many other companies. To name a few, he serves as director of NeighborCare Inc., Safety-Kleen Inc., American Banknote Corp., MGM Holdings, TerreStar Corp., Leap Wireless International Inc., and Cricket Communication Inc. He is the CEO and chairman of the board for HCM Acquisition Company, chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group and CCS Medical, and chairman of the board of directors with NexBank Capital. Mr. Dondero is also the co-founder, managing partner, portfolio manager, and president of NexPoint Capital, and he holds many of these positions with a number of mutual funds including some of the funds within Highland Capital. James Dondero is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Managerial Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has been able to use his experience as an analyst in the credit and equity markets to help create one of the most successful award winning investment companies in the country. His leadership in other successful businesses has given him insight into how they operate and what makes a business a good investment. This knowledge and insight is used to help grow the assets of Highland Capital’s clients.