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Todd Lubar A Successful Businessman and Real Estate Investor

In a recent interview with, Todd Lubar got to give a few insights that made him as successful as he was. He was able to answer a few questions that would be of great help to anyone interested in business and real estate. Todd can work with people who have ambition. He works with the kind of people who dare to dream and work towards achieving that dream and making profits. His previous experience has allowed him to work with people of similar interests and this way he has been able to make profits continuously.

Todd Lubar also notes that it was not an easy task getting to the top. It took him a few years to become successful as a businessman, and he kept the zeal and desire to achieve at the top of his goals. As Todd was starting out, he at some point felt doubt at what he was doing. That is because he continually experienced failure in the first years. Made him doubt if he would ever become successful, but he managed to counter the doubt with hard work. Todd had to make tough decisions between going on business trips and spending time with his family, but he says that regardless of how busy you are, it is important always to find time to spend with your loved ones.

More about Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar got into the Real Estate Industry in 1995. It was during this time that he felt that he would make real estate his lifelong career. Todd developed an interest in mortgage banking in 2002. He built relationships with multiple banking institutions and made credits of twenty million dollars. His company, Legendary Financial LLC used to lend to individuals and companies. The company together with Todd’s monies was what helped build a market of borrowers. The Mortgage industry continued to grow in 2007 and 2008. That allowed Todd to involve himself with other businesses. Todd is a resident of Bethseda Maryland. His two beautiful children reside in the same area, and his goal is to be better each day. Info sourced from

Eric Pulier Uses His Technology Expertise to Benefit Humanity

Eric Pulier started out early in life, with a gift of grasping technology. He graduated from high school in Teaneck, New Jersey. He went on to earn his B.S. in English at Harvard University. He graduated in 1988. In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles, where his first venture was People Doing Things, which offered technology solutions to the healthcare and education industries. In 1994, he started Digital Evolution, which was eventually merged with US Interactive.


In 1997, Eric was chosen to build the presidential technology exhibit for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration. The exhibit was called The Bridge to the 21st Century. Eric has founded or co-founded 15 different technology companies over during his career. Companies include SOA Software, MediaPlatform, US Media Interactive and Desktone. Pulier frequently gives speeches and talks about technology and how it can be used to better the world.


Eric Pullier is very active in philanthropy as well, especially in using technology to help those less fortunate. He helped build an educational platform to teach people with Multiple Sclerosis about their illness. He worked with others to develop Starbright World, a program that allows children with chronic illnesses to connect with other children in similar situations, to chat and blog.


He is on the board of directors for XPrize, an organization that holds competitions to encourage innovators to develop solutions to some of life’s problems. He is on the board of Painted Turtle, a charity that provides a summer camp to chronically ill children, in Lake Hughes, Ca. Eric has written many articles on how technology can be used to benefit society.


Eric continues to develop new ideas and new products that expand the field of technology. He also continues to use his knowledge as well as his resources to help others. He lives in Los Angeles with his four children.