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Lime Crime Turns Heads With New Hair Colors

Lime Crime announces that now there is good news for brunettes. The trend setting cosmetic company just launched their new hair dye colors for the dark haired girls. These colors are for those who like the dark side. They have added four new colors to the Unicorn Collection. Unlike the first roll out of bright shades, these colors are dramatically dark. They present Chestnut, which is a very dark maroon. For the purple lovers, they have the color Squid. They also have a dusty gray which is the color Charcoal. Finally, they bring to you Sea Witch, which is a green, the shade of the tail of a mermaid.

All of these fantastic hair dyes guaranteed to have you looking fashionable and trendy. Set yourself apart from the norm, make your own fashion statement with colors that will enhance the most outrageous outfit. The holidays are fast approaching, and you can fall into the season by sporting the Chestnut color during Thanksgiving dinner. Be a part of the Fall theme with hair that will compliment the fabulous colors of the season. Charcoal is a little more subdued, but will add a luxurious look to the decor around you. These two colors are great for work or play. Friends and co-workers at the office will envy your ability to wear these colors, and can only wish to be a brunette.

During the festive season to follow, you can go wild with the mermaid tail green. You will blend right in with the colors of the season. Be the hit of the party with hair color that everyone will not dare to wear. Lime Crime has many products that will help bring out the hues in this color. The lipsticks and glosses will compliment this color perfectly. For a casual gathering with friends, nothing will spark a conversation like the purple hair color. Purple will go well with that basic black outfit, or you can be bold and add more colors to it. Set your own trends with the new hair dyes form Lime Crime. Turn your hair into a conversation piece, and you will turn heads.