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EOS Lip Balms In Fun Flavors

EOS lip balms are one of the most popular lip care products available. When they hit the market many years ago celebrities all over the world went crazy for the egg shaped lip balm. They are available in a wide variety of bright fun colors. Each EOS lip balm also offers their own unique flavor. These are just some of the flavors that are available.

EOS Website:

Pomegranate Raspberry

Pomegranate raspberry is a tasty lip balm that offers all natural ingredients. It glides on smooth and offers a nice moisturizing texture.

Medicated Tangerine

Medicated Tangerine is one of the most unique EOS lip balms available. Not only does it come in a tasty Tangerine flavor but it also offers soothing medication to relieve dry lips. It is one of the only medicated flavors available. It is available in bight orange packaging.

Vanilla Mint

Vanilla mint is a light blue EOS lip balm that offers visibly softer lips with the first use. It offers a sweet hint of vanilla and mint for the perfect moisturizing lip balm.

Lemon Twist

Lemon twist helps protect and hydrate the lips especially in the outdoors. Lemon twist has a zesty lemon flavor that is both energizing as well as tasty. It offers an SPF of 15. It is one of the only EOS lip balms to offer SPF protection and it is available in yellow packaging.

Honeysuckle Honeydew

The honeysuckle honeydew flavor offers a sweet and delightful scent. Lips are not only softer but also smoother and more moisturized.

These are just a few of the many different flavors that the EOS lip balms are available in. They can be found online through many sites such as or even EOS lip balms are also available in a large variety of retail locations which includes Walmart and Target. Drug stores and pharmacies also sell EOS lip balms.



Autumn has just come with its smell of fallen leaves and rainy days, and together with it come some new and unusual makeup trends promoted by certain companies. With the new season, this is a perfect opportunity to purchase new and controversial makeups that will incorporate new and bright colors into women’s look. When talking about controversial things, Lime Crime is undeniably the name that best fits this brand, and this time of the year is perfect for Lime Crime’s unusual colors to come into plan.
This company was founded by Miss Deere in 2008 when she decided to find the makeup that would keep pace with her vivid and bright imagination, because this is what Lime Crime is all about. It all started with the fact that a model, blogger and makeup artist who herself called ‘Unicorn Queen’ could not find the right cosmetics that would be bright and unique at the same time. Her focus was on creating the most pigmented and vivid cosmetics that will be used not just for covering imperfections but also for expressing women’s personality. Unlike many other companies that are based on the same things, the Lime Crime’s team of professionals did their best to create something completely different, and they, together with their founder, managed to create a fantasy through beauty. How is this possible? Well, one should just take a look at its wild and non-traditional colors which are included in your eye shadow palettes, lipsticks collection and the quirky set of nail polish.
Miss Deere’s inspiration for creating this unusual cosmetics brand was found in her love for fairy tales, mermaids and mystical creatures, and her dream was to find the line that will embody this world, and the idea of her childhood fantasies. This is the line that stands for individuality and imagination, and this can be best seen in her eye shadow palettes.
Lime Crime lip collection includes unusual names, such as: Cosmopop, D’Lilac, Airborne Unicorn, My Beautiful Rocket, Great Pink Planet, etc. Since they are quite pigmented, one does not have to apply them several times in order to get the right color. Due to their unusual design, they can resist coffee and lunch stains, and the scent is quite pleasant and attractive. Take, for instance, Airborne Unicorn. It’s durable and its purple pink shade can help one express her personality. Also, the price is reasonable, and one will not regret it once they try out any of these lipsticks.
As far as nail polish collection is concerned, it will leave everyone speechless. The first option can be Parfait Day, which will surely bring warmth during these cool and rainy days. Crema de Limon nail polish will definitely refresh one’s nails, with its bright yellow color that can be contrasted with the color of autumn’s leaves. Some other attractive options are Pastelchio, Once in a Blue Mousse, Lavendairy and Milky Ways, all of them perfect to keep pace with new autumn colors.
So, for those who were thinking about perfect cosmetics for this autumn, Lime Crime offers incredible options with unusual colors that will mark this season in the best possible way.