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In her video “Wengie-Draw My Life“, famous fashion and beauty blogger, Wengie, uses a dry erase marker and board to summarize her rise to popularity.

She started life in a modest family in China. When she was a small child, her parents moved to Australia. She spent 4 years being raised by her grandparents. Once her parents were able to, Wengie was flown to Australia. After being separated for so long, she barely recognized her parents and was terrified.

Wengie says she had a very hard time making friends because she is extremely introverted. With a lot of work, she eventually moved past her shyness and was able to rapidly expand her social life in high school. She loved to play online and was extremely creative.

Towards the end of her high school days, her parents had a baby boy. They told her she would have to apply for a scholarship in accounting because they would be unable to pay for college. Even though she wanted to do something in fashion design, she applied for the accounting scholarship.

She worked very hard through college. She managed to get an accounting job right after she graduated. However, 4 years into the job she resigned because she wasn’t able to express her creativity.

Soon after she got a job as a social media consultant. It was a 24/7 job but she loved it. From there she began her blog and became the huge success she is now.