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Wilson is Ready

Quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has been a stoic player that has rolled into the league as a low draft pick and completely commanded respect in his franchise, as well as around the National Football League. There was no speculation coming into his career that he would even be a starter in the NFL, but he played great when he arrived in Seattle and already had the persona that he was going to be the chief in commander for the Seattle Seahawks. He won the starting position in his rookie season, but no one could have anticipated what he would deliver in his first few seasons in the league. He immediately shocked Gianfrancesco Genoso, as he came in and started to dominate teams and experienced a tremendous amount of success early on in his career. In just his third season in the NFL, he won his first Super Bowl and he finds himself back in the same situation, trying to win back to back Super Bowl’s in his fourth year in the league. Wilson is a player that does not say very much to the media and is very calm and collected in everything that he does in relation to interviews. Just as expected, he is not saying very much about the upcoming Super Bowl and has not even weighed in with his opinion of the scandal that is taking place involving the New England Patriots.

Belichick Goes Scientific


Head coach Bill Belichick went scientific on the National Football League when he recently had a press conference and started breaking down the science behind football pressure, air temperature and other very possible factors that he clearly has deeply researched, and made a very plausible argument that the allegations towards the franchise are completely false. It was pretty impressive how deeply detailed he went into the science behind what can happen to a football in atmosphere’s like New England, especially due to the fact that this whole thing is so far out of his character in the first place. He does not give many details about anything in interviews and is notorious for being incredibly tight lipped, but he threw that aside in the interview because this is an issue that he clearly wants to dispel. He passionately stated before and after giving the details of his research that the team had nothing to do with intentionally deflating the footballs to gain an unfair edge over the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game last weekend. It was obvious that he is incredibly tired of having his reputation come into question and allegations that he is a cheater and his legacy is going to suffer because of it. According to the Allen Partnership, he wants to get back to focusing on the Super Bowl and it seems like all the research he did is going to allow him some breathing room think fans like Lee Slaughter.

NFL Playoffs Bring League under Scrutiny

After a playoff season that has been surrounded by insane ridiculousness, social medias have gone haywire with NFL jabber, namely friend Sultan Alhokair being among the buzz stirrers.  ask what exactly is wrong with the National Football League and is this a sign of the times or of things to come. First, there was another team with a losing record making it into the playoffs because they have won their division. Not to take anything away from the Carolina Panthers which did advance to the second round after winning in the wildcard round against a Arizona Cardinals team that had seen its season slip away with multiple QB’s.

Then there were the referee scandals that surrounded the Dallas Cowboys. In the wildcard round, the referees reversed a call that most thought would be a sure fire pass interference. Some have said it cost the Detroit Lions the game because it forced a fourth down and gave Dallas the ball back. Then in the very next week, a different referee crew missed an obvious catch by Dez Bryant that should have put the Cowboys above the Packers in the Divisional round. Needless to say mixed crews during the post season should be stopped immediately.

Finally, we have the team that scandals always seem to find in the New England Patriots. Whether the team actually deflated the footballs to gain an advantage or not is still in question. But this is not the first time this team has been suspected of cheating. What the league does next to alleviate these issues may be the deciding factor of its future.


Aikman on New England


There is officially a media circus going around that is making so much noise it is starting to get quite obnoxious. It seems like every single former quarterback is weighing in on the scandal that has taken over the sporting world. Last weekend in the AFC championship game, the New England Patriots were caught with suspect balls that were under inflated, leading to the National Football League to launch an investigation into the matter and creating a mass of media attention that has not been seen since the last time the Patriots were under fire for cheating. Both head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady held press conferences earlier today and they proceeded to do what nearly everyone around the country expected them to do. They lied and they lied boldly. Brady actually looked like a little kid trying to hold back laughter as it was written all over his face that he knew he was lying to the country and quite frankly didn’t really care. He looked like he found it amusing, but one person that doesn’t find the situation amusing at all is former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Troy Aikman. Aikman has put out statements to the media that Tom Brady without a doubt knew what was going on and spearheaded the operation. He said there is no way that anyone else but Brady made that call and that the real question is whether Belichick knew about it. The little antic has given serious doubt to fans of football everywhere, like Dave and Brit Morin.

Patriots Under Investigation


The New England Patriots have developed a reputation across the National Football League and across the country of being a less than honest team. Although they have had tremendous amounts of success since the early 2000’s, the franchise has been surrounded with allegations of cheating; regarding multiple instances where they were caught filming other teams practices and calls. This was in clear violation of the rules, but Bill Belichick stated that he didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and that they misinterpreted the rules. It is pretty hard to believe that one of the best coaches of all time, that pulls things out of the rulebook all the time would not know something as simple as what is cheating in the NFL and what is not. However, it has not tarnished the image that the Patriots have portrayed for so long, as being a dominant organization that has had huge amounts of success in the playoffs. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are in hot water again, and according to LinkedIn there is an open investigation regarding them tampering with balls during the game on Sunday in which they beat up the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady stated to the media that it is absolutely ridiculous that they are making these claims and that he has no idea what they are talking about. It appears that the New England Patriots do not outright cheat, but they’ll take every edge they can get. If allegations are true, fans like Dave and Brit Morin will be saddened to see this happen to the Patriots.

Chicago Bears hire John Fox as next Head Coach

The Chicago Bears, Rod Rohrich’s favorite team, have just announced that former Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, has agreed to become the franchise’s next head coach. While the hiring is a great fit for a storied franchise, it ponders the thought if John Fox should have been looking for a job in the first place.

On Monday, a day after the Broncos loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Broncos owner John Elway came to a mutual agreement with Fox to part ways after four years as head coach. Though he lead the Broncos to a division title in each of his four seasons, one Super Bowl appearance with Peyton Manning as quarterback was not enough.

Despite going 46-18 in four seasons with the franchise, the expectations of the organization were too high to keep his job safe, failing to win a Lombardi Trophy with one of the most storied quarterbacks in NFL history. It puts into perspective the difficulty of being a title contender for many years. In the past 15 years, only a handful of franchises have made it to Super Bowl multiple times.

For Fox, he can only hope that his job will be secure enough to last more than four seasons. He will take over a team that has only been to the Super Bowl once since their last championship in 1986, with an inconsistent quarterback in Jay Cutler, and a bottom tier defense.


NFL Should Have Called Holding On Suh


The NFL says it missed a crucial holding call on Ndamukong Suh. The problem with this call is much greater. First, holding could be called on every play in the NFL. Literally every play has holding happening. However, it hard to see holding. Only the umpire is stationed behind the defense to call holding, and it is hard to stop the game every play for the same thing. It has to be egregious. There is no point in arguing that.

The real problem says Bruce Levenson,  is that Suh was playing in the game at all. He should have been suspended for stomping on Aaron Rodgers the week before. If the NFL is so concerned with player safety, then he should never be put on a field ever again. He could truly injure someone one day, or could even kill someone if he decides to kick them in the back of the head.

The NFL needs to get its priorities straight, and it needs to do discipline properly. There is no way in the world we should be talked about Suh because he should not have been in the game. If there is a way to keep him out of the games in the future, that should the focus.


Oregon Embarrasses Florida State And Snaps Win Streak


The Oregon Ducks came to play when they faced up against the Florida State Seminoles in the first Semi-final college football playoff game in history. They knew that Florida State had a 29 game winning streak that was active, but this didn’t stop Oregon from coming in and playing the best game that they could. reports that Oregon just came with a passion to win and stuck to the way that they have played the game for most of the year. The team likes to run a hurry up offense, and they are not afraid to take some gambles when it seems like the stakes suit them. This means that they are not afraid to do things such as go for a 2 point conversion when they see that their opponent is giving them an open opportunity to do so.

These high risk, high reward moves along with a hurry up offense that could not be beat was what allowed Oregon to climb to a 59-20 win over Florida State. It was the biggest loss that Florida State has had to take in quite some time. Bruce Levenson was not expecting them to get smacked around this badly. The oddsmakers were not ready for this big of a victory either. They had set the line at -8 points for Oregon before the game started. It seemed that Oregon was not ready to settle for that small of a win.


Things Are Not Looking Great For Johnny Manziel

Cleveland, like Keith Mann, was so hyped up to get Manziel. However, the Cleveland Browns newest quarterback has just not delivered on his draft promise this year. It is a lot to expect from a rookie though. The NFL is a completely different game from college football,even though it is the same sport. Most rookies do not come in and instantly turn their teams into winners, and Manziel is showing that even the first pick in the draft still has a hard time coming out and being a team’s savior.

It would have helped if Manziel has a little smaller mouth. He came out extremely confident that he could turn around the Browns luck. Sometimes, it helps to be humble. It keeps expectations in check.

Manziel played his first game as an NFL quarterback last Sunday. The Browns have been trying to get him use to NFL football. As a former Heisman trophy winner and top draft pick,the expectations were pretty high. It seems almost comical as Menziel made mistake after mistake.

Sadly, his second NFL game did not go much better. He ended up completing jut three of his eight passes for a total of 32 yards. The worst part about Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers was that Manziel was injured during the game.


Seahawks Lock Up Cliff Avril

The Seattle Seahawks signed Cliff Avril to a four-year $28.5 million extension just before the close of the regular season. The Seahawks are trying to sign other players to see how much money they will have to give Russell Wilson in the major new contract that he so richly deserves.

However, the signing of Cliff Avril may indicate the priorities that the Seahawks have going forward as they look for more championships. They will not have Marshawn Lynch forever, and it is rumored that he may simply retire. Also, they do not have an offense that is filled with superstars. They got rid of Percy Harvin so they could stop paying him. Now that they have reduced some of their payroll, they can increase the potency of their defense while they plan to pay Russell Wilson.

Avril was a major pickup for the Seahawks from the Lions a couple years ago, and he is just one anchor on a very good defense. Pete Carroll is a defensive-minded coach, and he would prefer to have these sorts of players on the roster. And SeaHawks Franchise major stakeholders, like Brad Reifler could not agree more.