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Atlanta Hawks is a professional basketball team that is in Atlanta, Georgia. Its home ground venue is known as Philips Arena, which is ranked third among the other stadiums in U.S.A. Atlanta Hawks participates in the National Basketball Association circuit. They are part of League’s Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. They are easily identified with their famous jersey of red and white color.
Origin of Atlanta Hawks is traced with the establishment of the Tri-cities Blackhawks in 1946. They joined National Basketball (NBA) in 1949. The team moved to Milwaukee in 1951 where they changed their name to Hawks. Again in 1955 they moved to St. Louis where they won their only N.B.A championship in 1958 before moving to Atlanta in 1968.
The reason behind relocation of Hawks from St. LOUIS to Georgia is the unending woods of the arena and therefore Kerner who was the owner by then decided to sell the Hawks to a real estate developer Tom Cousins and former Georgia governor Carl Sanders who moved the team to Atlanta. They played their first four seasons in Georgia Tech’s Alexander Memorial Coliseum waiting for the new arena to be constructed.
Atlanta Hawks won their first title in 1969-1970 season with a 48-34 record in the Western Division. In 1970-1972, they debuted a new logo bearing hawk head silhouette inside a circle. By then the team was a talented one with the likes of Pete Maravich and Lou Hudson.
In 1977, Ted Turner of cable network entrepreneur and Atlanta Braves bought the team and hired Hubie Brown to be the head, coach. In 1978, coach Brown won the coach of the year award. In 1979-1980 season, Hawks finished with 50-32 records and won the Central Division. It was their first division title in Central division and the second in the city of Atlanta.
In 1985-1989, the Hawks were among the League’s elites by winning 50 or more games each season. They won a division title in the 1986-1987 season with a franchise record of 57-25. However, the team failed to advance to the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. The team went through seasons of mediocrity up to 1993-1994 season when they won 57 games tying a team record and won their fourth title in Atlanta and third in Central Division with the head coach Mr. Lenny Wilkens also winning the coach of the year award.
On 7 September 2014 Principal owner of Atlanta Hawks Mr. Bruce Levenson announced to sell his share in the club. On January 2, 2015 other minority owners agreed to join Levenson so as to sell the 100% of the Franchise to entrepreneur known as Tony Ressler through an auction bid worth $730 million making up to 27% profit for the club. This sale will be financed by some cash and assumption of some club debts. It is a positive step that Mr. Bruce had taken for the interest of the organization and the community of Atlanta.

Atlanta Hawks Pioneer Team Culture

The Atlanta Hawks have been one of the most entertaining success stories in the past couple of years. The team has been a perennial six seed or lower for much of the past decade but in 2014 we saw Atlanta take a huge step forward. With owner Bruce Levenson focusing on acquiring talent that likes to share the ball and play within the system the Hawks were able to have their most successful season in decades. It has been over 50 years since the Hawks won a championship and just a little less since they made it past the second round of the playoffs. A 60 win year and a trip to the ECF is a good start for what could be a blooming roster.

The core of what Atlanta is doing centers on penetration and distribution. The drive and kick has been a staple in offensive sets ever since the three point line was established. What makes Atlanta so successful is that everyone on their team can distribute and a guy by the name of Kyle Korver is waiting for the kick beyond the arc. Korver is one of the most prolific three point shooters of our generation and one of the sharpest shooters to ever lace up a pair of sneakers.

Korver was sidelined from the Cleveland series early due to an injury but before going out he had been having a truly special regular season. Korver averaged 12 points 3 assists and 4 rebounds per game but those numbers mean more when you look at his efficiency. Korver shot 49% from the floor and a staggering 49.2% from beyond the arc, making 3 of 6 attempts per game. As one of the deadliest shooters in the league he gave the Hawks room to operate on every other level.

Now Korver is entering his 12th year in the NBA and he just turned 34 so the odds are good that he’s going to start coming off of screens just a little bit slower. With Korver slowed down it was important that Atlanta found new scorers to look to in the future. So Atlanta acquired shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr from the New York Knicks. Hardaway is far from being a hyper efficient scorer but he knows how to get the ball in the hoop. His ability to shoot from any level makes him a dangerous 6th man. With better teammates in Atlanta the hope is that Hardaway’s efficiency goes up as well.

Still, no matter what players are on the floor the focus and identity of Atlanta will be in their team culture. As long as the stars, like Horford and Milsap, are willing to cede shots to other players then the team is always going to flourish. When you have unselfish veteran stars leading the team then everybody else down the line is going to be that much more of a grinder. Team chemistry will continue to carry Atlanta forward as they build for the future of the franchise.


Anthony Ressler and a Group led by him Purchased the Hawks NBA Team for $850 Millions Dollars

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that Anthony Ressler has bought the Hawks for a total of $850 Million dollars. The group that is led by Levenson has announced that it would sell the 50.1% percent stake that it owns. The Hawks Team went on the market in January, and was announced the September of last year. It was valued by many for prices ranging from $750 million dollars to 1 Billion dollars, and was sold for $850 million dollars.
Anthony Ressler and his group bought the Hawks Team about right after Levenson announced that he was to sell his share. Originally, a year ago the offer for the 50.1 percent stake was $2 Billion Dollars, but Anthony Ressler and his group did not want to go that high in their bidding. Yet, one year later since Bruce Levenson announced on he was to be selling his stake in the team; and Anthony Ressler was glad to buy it for $850 million dollars. Also, along with Bruce Levenson Michael Gearon Jr. has announced that he will also be selling his share of the team.
Bruce Levenson decided to sell his share for the better of the company. He is the partner and also the co- founder of UGC ( United Communications Group). United Communications Group (UGC) was co- founded by Mr. Ed Perkowitz along with Bruce Levenson in the year of 1977. In addition, Bruce Levenson is the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Bruce Levenson has now been with the business he co- founded United Communications Group for about 27 years now. Prior to co- founding UCG Levenson had a role of Director at, and also wrote for the magazines Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Bruce Levenson did this all before co- founding his company UGC, and coming to own a share in the NBA team Hawks. Bruce Levenson has also served on many Board of Directors including the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Bruce Levenson also has previously been the President of the Washington I Have a Dream foundation. Bruce Levenson also has many degrees including a law degree from the American University thatis located in Washington, DC. He also has another degree from Washington University, a Bachelors Degree in Arts. Bruce Levenson was also a stake owner of 50.1 percent in the Hawks NBA Team prior to it being sold for a total of $850 million dollars to Anthony Ressler and his group.