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Maggie Gill’s success in the Memorial Health Center.

Maggie Gill is the CEO of the Memorial Health Center. She studied at Florida state university where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree. Later she earned her MBA from Saint Leo University. Dr. Gill worked as a CFO in Tenet South Florida health systems for five years where she was voted three times as Tenet outstanding CFO. She has worked with many health institutions during his day in Tenet including Coral Gabes Hospital, Palmetto General Hospital, and Miami’s North Shore Medical Center.

Maggie Gill was dedicated to her work; she offered facilities and services to the community, which upheld her reputation as a concerned and caring Doctor. Aside from her work, Gill has a family to look after. She is married to Shawn and has two children. She also works towards improving the society by ensuring that the health students get proper training.

In 2004, Gill became the vice president of finance and managed care in Memorial Medical University Center. Her hard work and determination elevated her to being the Chief Operating Officer the following year. After several years of working with Memorial Health Center, she was promoted to the president and CEO of the organization. The position of the CEO gives her several responsibilities. She is in charge of physician relations, government relations, finance support, Orthopedic, and neuroscience program and internal audits. She leads the senior president, vice president, and the physician leaders by giving them directions where necessary.

Memorial Health Center staff and team were recognized in the 16th Annual health Care Heroes Award under Maggie Gill’s Leadership. They received seven awards in the following categories: Community Outreach, Healthcare education, health care innovation, allied health professionals, physician lifetime achievement and institution for infectious disease response team. During her time, there was an expansion of clinical offices and facilities.

Maggie Gill played a major role of engineering partnerships with several stallholders. She recently formed partners with EON health. She felt that the partnership would be important to Memorial Health Center, as it will improve preventive care through an increase in pharmacy benefits in the organization.