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Unicorn Lipstick and Zodiac Glitter: It’s a Doe Deere World

Businesswoman Doe Deere has created an amazing beauty world of fantasy and fairy tale- where Unicorn Lipstick and Zodiac Glitter are of the norm. Young women around the world are discovering a new and modern way to wear makeup. Instead of cosmetics quietly conforming to traditional ideals, Lime Crime makeup breaks all the rules!

Doe Deere developed her own line of cosmetics after rarely being able to hunt down a makeup palette that was wild and free. Doe was active in fashion design and in the music world with a band of her own; creative self-expression was essential for Doe, as it often is for young women everywhere.

In October 2008, debuted, and the slogan was a winner:
“So bright, it’s illegal.”

So, that is how Lime Crime was born, out of sheer necessity and Doe Deere has never looked back.

Lime Crime makeup is crazy colorful! If someone really wants a red smoky eye, then her wish is granted; there is a shade for that. If someone is dying to put on banana yellow lipstick, she certainly can. That’s what Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company does so well- break the rules and do it with style and sass.

Some young women find Lime Crime makeup to be quite empowering; in other words, the bold and pigmented colors allow girls to experiment with makeup and try on pretty powerful colors. It’s a cool way to gain self-confidence and a better self-esteem.

Buying Doe Deere’s makeup online is quick and easy at She is highlighting two, new lipsticks with an autumnal vibe called Squash and Jinx, and OMG, are they sexy! Squash is glow-stick orange, while Jinx is a witch-berry purple. Both unforgettable shades are from Lime Crime’s Velvetines Lipstick collection.

Doe Deere describes her Velvetines line as “The original liquid-to-matte lipstick,” and she ain’t kidding! This formula stays put for hours and hours. The colors are so rich and modern.

Plus, all of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan, and we all like that! The popular company offers edgy choices in their lipsticks, eye makeup and nail polishes. The Zodiac Glitter eye shadows are especially cool and unique. There are 12, of course, one for each birthday and especially fun to mix and match.

Lime Crime makeup has taken the world of cosmetics by storm. The red lip used to be a daring statement-making beauty concept; today, a squash-colored lip is the true beauty changer, thanks to the creative genius of Doe Deere.

Another fact that is often missed about the company and the woman is the charities that benefit. Doe Deere and Lime Crime believe in giving back to women, children and animals. A few recipients include, Girls Inc., Red Cross, Adopt NY and Sanctuary for Families.

Doe Deere has a big heart for all living things on the planet.