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Freedom Fighter who Inspires Many Souls Around the Globe

Yeonmi Park is a 21 year old lady who defected from North Korea and is fast becoming a common face and voice of the people of North Korea and Asia at large who are oppressed, as well as becoming a living inspiration for freedom fighters all around the world. She defected and to the surprise of many, her country with the fifth largest army in the world, nuclear power and other ongoing research on military weapons decided to denounce her on the 31st of January 2015. A website that is run and managed by Kim Jong Um’s government posted an 18-minute long video with a title ‘The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet, Yeonmi Park’ to deliver the information to her and the country. This was the latest lame attacked that was aimed at putting a zip on the charismatic and outspoken critic of the world’s most secretive and repressive regime Yeonmi. The country has seen attackers (activists and critics) go through suffering after unlawful charges being imposed on them with most of them eventually becoming defectors. Becoming a defector is always a death wish but Yeonmi is one lady who is not intimidated or threatened easily, she is the North Korean Iron Lady.

Yeonmi released a book on Amazon, she was born in Heysan to a middle level civil servants in a society that devoted to worshipping the nation’s leader and show absolute hatred to anyone who shows disagreements with North Korean regime. A society that teaches you what to feel think and say and an obscene teaching of never put your trust in anyone. She got so bitter and angered at age of nine when she witnessed in disbelief her best friend’s mother executed by a firing squad for an offence that was not worth taking one’s life. Yeonmi grew up in this environment until she tasted what freedom feels like after smuggling and watching a film Titanic, which gave her a totally different view and life in another world. She leant that people in the other world were willing to die for love, as well as for state.

The journey of becoming a freedom fighter has not been easy for Yeonmi. She once gave an emotional confession amid tears in an interview with a forum named Women in The World Summit that Kim Jong um does not like her at all. He viewed her as a traitor for exposing what the dictatorial North Korean government wants children to be taught in schools. She said that the systems aim is to corrupt the young minds that the outside world is dangerous, impure and disgusting to live in. North Korea is the best place to be. Once, when she was 13 years and after fleeing her country with her mother into China, she went through her worst experience when a man wanted to rape her. Instead, her mother offered herself, and she watched the man do such a barbaric act on her mother. She escaped with her mother to Mongolia, and this was the beginning of a journey that she swore she will fight until death. She has gone ahead to write books and expose reality of Kim Jong Um’s brutal regime.