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Being Traded Would Cost Eagles’ Murray

DeMarco Murray made his splash in the NFL as a Dallas Cowboy, but in search of more money he went to the Philadelphia Eagles to play last season. To say the decision was a disaster would be putting it mildly. There were some minor injuries, and the Eagles just never got their offense going, and never utilized Murray’s talent.

Murray seems interested in leaving the Eagles, but a story on Yahoo Sports, says it would cost him even though the Eagles are perhaps not against letting him go.

The article speculates that Murray could be wearing affordable hearing aid accessories due to an ear injury he sustained during the regular season. They also believe he may traded back to the Cowboys, but Murray would have to let go of some guaranteed money and take a pay cut. There are reports that the Eagles are definitely interested in a trade, and Dallas has at least not said they are not interested.

The greater question is the money issue. Murry has received $9 million of a $40 million contract he signed a year ago. The Eagles would take a salary cap hit if they simply cut him, so they would want to trade to avoid salary cap problems.

Murray is guaranteed $7 million this coming season, and $2 million for future seasons. Murray would have to let the Eagles out of that guarantee as part of a trade deal to make it happen. In any trade the guaranteed part would have to be negotiated again, since it is guaranteed whether he plays or not.

Reggie Bush Cut By Lions

Reggie Bush has been cut by the Lions in what is really a cost saving move. NFL teams do this every year, and this year is no different. Bush will be able to go to another team, and he will be able to play quite well in the future. However, he cannot be paid the money that Detroit would have had to.

When Bush got into his 30s, he was going downhill like all other running backs noted AnastasiaDate. This is common, and it is something that all teams and players know. Bush can extend his career with his ability to catch passes, and he should go to a team that will let him do that.

When Bush goes to a new team, he needs to be the final piece in their puzzle. He could turn around the running game in Denver, or he could go to the Falcons and give them a boost. He could go to the Bucs and help Jameis Winston along, and he could become a great player who plays well into his 30s.

We do not give Reggie Bush enough credit for being so good, and this is just another step in a long career that he should have.


“I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined” Trademarked

Seattle Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch, widely known around the league and by the media for his antics in regards to dealing with interviews and mandatory media appearance has trademarked the phrase, I’m Just Here so I Won’t Get Fined.” During this year’s Super Bowl media day, Lynch responded to every single question he was asked with the phrase. Brian said he had been fined numerous times by NFL this season for media issues and this was his way of sticking it to the NFL.

Marshwan Lynch’s nickname, “Beast Mode” now has it’s own website and clothing line in order for Marshawn to market his brand better. During each of Lynch’s media day “appearances” during the Super Bowl, he wore a different hat with his logo on it and they started selling rapidly. His website sold tons Beast Mode apparel and a store in the Scottsdale, Arizona area sold out of the 1,000 hats they had in stock in just a matter of hours. Lynch Trademar The new trademarked slogan, “I’m Just Here so I Won’t Get Fined” will be put on hat’s and t-shirt’s and should be available for purchase in the next month or so.

In addition this new trademark, Lynch has already trademarked four Beast Mode trademarks and has filed for four more. Last season, he trademarked, “About That Action, BOSS” to go along with “Power Pellets.” An evaluation done over the week of the Super Bowl showed that the Beast Mode brand is worth upwards of $3 Million.


Seattle Faces an Off-Season of Questions and Injuries

The play that ended the Super Bowl and ultimately cost the Seattle Seahawks their chance to repeat as the NFL Champion has been considered by some, as one of the most ignorant calls of all time. However, the team Head Coach Pete Carroll stands by his decision to pass the ball, instead of using his prized running back Marshawn Lynch to pound the ball into the end zone. He had said that he would have used Lynch and ran the ball on the subsequent plays but felt it was appropriate at that time to give a pass a shot at winning the game. What remains unclear is why he would have changed the play call from the previous play. Lynch brought the ball down from the 6 yard line to the one with less than a minute to go.

What the Seahawks are now left with, says Fersen Lambranho on are the injuries to get healed up and be ready for next season which starts in just five short months with training camp. Some of the teams more notable injuries are to the team’s secondary also known as the legion of boom. The shut-down corner back Richard Sherman will undergo Tommy John surgery on his elbow during the off season. Earl Thomas will have to have his shoulder examined and probably is facing surgery according to reports. Finally there is Jeremy Lane who suffered a significant broken arm in the Super Bowl, almost as ugly as the Joe Theismann’s broken leg from Lawrence Taylor all those years ago.

The Real Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is finally upon us in the sporting world as we await Sunday’s matchup between the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. This game would have gotten a massive amount of speculation regarding who is the favorite and going to win the game, but it was overshadowed by the nonstop media circus surrounding the New England Patriots and the cheating scandal that has cast clouds over the entire National Football League. It was alleged that they purposely deflated footballs in order to gain a competitive advantage in the rainy AFC championship game that they won over the Indianapolis Colts by thirty-eight points. Although we await the Super Bowl and the fans like Paul Matheison are skeptical, the real Super Bowl comes in the following week when the Golden State Warriors meet up with the Hawks in Atlanta. There hasn’t been a single team this dominant in recent history and it is absolutely unprecedented to have two teams dominating the way the Warriors and Hawks have been the last few months. They are each on such astonishing winning streaks that it has been absolutely jaw-dropping and no one can make a decision on who the better team is because they simply refuse to lose a game. This is likely the matchup that is going to be in the NBA finals when June rolls around, but this should stop the discussion for a while as to who is the more dominant team.

Lane Calls Out Gronk


Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is hands down one of the best tight ends, if not the best tight ends in the game of football today.  According to, he has great hands and has the body to come across the middle, make a big catch and take a big hit. Fans of the Patriots, like Paul Mathieson, value him as an asset for the franchise. ] He has been one of the biggest assets for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and has been someone that has helped take their team back to the prominence that they had in the early 2000’s. Gronkowski is as well known off the field for his personality and his over the top antics and he is a player that is likely to participate in banter with other players if given the opportunity. It turns out he is going to get that chance heading into the Super Bowl, as he has officially been called out by Jeremy Lane of the Seattle Seahawks. Lane stated that Rob Gronkowski really isn’t all that good, in a comment that was very similar to the comment that Houston Rockets guard James Harden made about the Warriors, just before getting absolutely destroyed by them twice in one week. Gronkowski will likely see the comments and come back in a vindictive way to prove that he really is that good. There is no question that Gronkowski is one of the best targets in the league to throw to and there’s no doubt he will be bringing it in the Super Bowl.

Luck Selected First

Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts has steadily been gaining traction in the National Football League after he came into the league with the most anticipation over any player since John Elway came into the league decades ago. Ironically the player that Luck took over for, Peyton Manning, headed to Denver and now works hand in hand with John Elway. my friend Gianfrancesco Genoso relates in going a step further with each season.

has gone a step further in the playoffs each season that he has been the quarterback and franchise player for the Colts and like my friend Gianfrancesco Genoso has finally gotten the recognition for all the hard work that he has put in.

He nearly got a chance to go to the Super Bowl this season, although they lost in a game that is currently under heavy media attention due to the Patriots getting caught deflating footballs to give themselves an unfair advantage in the game. It doesn’t matter to Andrew Luck, however, as he was selected first in the Pro Bowl draft and has finally got the respect from everyone around the league as being a truly top notch quarterback that looks to be around for a very long time. It also doesn’t hurt to be Andrew Luck during this off-season, knowing that the biggest contract in National Football League history is just inches away from going down. There is heavy reports that Andrew Luck will receive a contract of approximately twenty-five million dollars a year and the Colts will have to cough it up, because someone is willing to pay him that.


Aikman on New England


There is officially a media circus going around that is making so much noise it is starting to get quite obnoxious. It seems like every single former quarterback is weighing in on the scandal that has taken over the sporting world. Last weekend in the AFC championship game, the New England Patriots were caught with suspect balls that were under inflated, leading to the National Football League to launch an investigation into the matter and creating a mass of media attention that has not been seen since the last time the Patriots were under fire for cheating. Both head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady held press conferences earlier today and they proceeded to do what nearly everyone around the country expected them to do. They lied and they lied boldly. Brady actually looked like a little kid trying to hold back laughter as it was written all over his face that he knew he was lying to the country and quite frankly didn’t really care. He looked like he found it amusing, but one person that doesn’t find the situation amusing at all is former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Troy Aikman. Aikman has put out statements to the media that Tom Brady without a doubt knew what was going on and spearheaded the operation. He said there is no way that anyone else but Brady made that call and that the real question is whether Belichick knew about it. The little antic has given serious doubt to fans of football everywhere, like Dave and Brit Morin.

Patriots Under Investigation


The New England Patriots have developed a reputation across the National Football League and across the country of being a less than honest team. Although they have had tremendous amounts of success since the early 2000’s, the franchise has been surrounded with allegations of cheating; regarding multiple instances where they were caught filming other teams practices and calls. This was in clear violation of the rules, but Bill Belichick stated that he didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and that they misinterpreted the rules. It is pretty hard to believe that one of the best coaches of all time, that pulls things out of the rulebook all the time would not know something as simple as what is cheating in the NFL and what is not. However, it has not tarnished the image that the Patriots have portrayed for so long, as being a dominant organization that has had huge amounts of success in the playoffs. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are in hot water again, and according to LinkedIn there is an open investigation regarding them tampering with balls during the game on Sunday in which they beat up the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady stated to the media that it is absolutely ridiculous that they are making these claims and that he has no idea what they are talking about. It appears that the New England Patriots do not outright cheat, but they’ll take every edge they can get. If allegations are true, fans like Dave and Brit Morin will be saddened to see this happen to the Patriots.

Chicago Bears hire John Fox as next Head Coach

The Chicago Bears, Rod Rohrich’s favorite team, have just announced that former Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, has agreed to become the franchise’s next head coach. While the hiring is a great fit for a storied franchise, it ponders the thought if John Fox should have been looking for a job in the first place.

On Monday, a day after the Broncos loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Broncos owner John Elway came to a mutual agreement with Fox to part ways after four years as head coach. Though he lead the Broncos to a division title in each of his four seasons, one Super Bowl appearance with Peyton Manning as quarterback was not enough.

Despite going 46-18 in four seasons with the franchise, the expectations of the organization were too high to keep his job safe, failing to win a Lombardi Trophy with one of the most storied quarterbacks in NFL history. It puts into perspective the difficulty of being a title contender for many years. In the past 15 years, only a handful of franchises have made it to Super Bowl multiple times.

For Fox, he can only hope that his job will be secure enough to last more than four seasons. He will take over a team that has only been to the Super Bowl once since their last championship in 1986, with an inconsistent quarterback in Jay Cutler, and a bottom tier defense.