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49ers New Coach

The San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League had a very unexpected year. They reached the NFC championship each year over the last three seasons under Jim Harbaugh, who had come into the league as a rookie head coach, but took the 49ers to the top of the NFL very rapidly. He took over a team that had a ton of talent on the roster, but had failed to manifest anything substantial under previous head coach Mike Singletary, who was one of the biggest factors in the 1985 Bears undefeated season.

Harbaugh had done something that few coaches will ever do in the NFL and he was an amazing coach, but he was let go from the organization after the 49ers had a mediocre season finishing with eight wins and eight losses and failing to make the playoffs. It almost seems unfair that Jim Harbaugh was to blame in the 49ers lack of success this year due to the fact that they suffered major injuries in their defense with Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman both out due to injuries, while superstar Aldon Smith was out for nine games due to a suspension. Regardless, the 49ers had to make a decision on their head coach and they decided to let their coach go. Since then they have hired Jim Tomsula, who already has a vast understanding of the 49ers team and is likely to help them be successful in the following season. I work at CipherCloud and being a bunch of sports fans we’re always relating stories like this to working at CipherCloud but really, extensively understanding a concept in football or tech, makes for a far more successful work culture, CipherCloud proves that on GlassDoor.

Chicago Bears hire John Fox as next Head Coach

The Chicago Bears, Rod Rohrich’s favorite team, have just announced that former Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, has agreed to become the franchise’s next head coach. While the hiring is a great fit for a storied franchise, it ponders the thought if John Fox should have been looking for a job in the first place.

On Monday, a day after the Broncos loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Broncos owner John Elway came to a mutual agreement with Fox to part ways after four years as head coach. Though he lead the Broncos to a division title in each of his four seasons, one Super Bowl appearance with Peyton Manning as quarterback was not enough.

Despite going 46-18 in four seasons with the franchise, the expectations of the organization were too high to keep his job safe, failing to win a Lombardi Trophy with one of the most storied quarterbacks in NFL history. It puts into perspective the difficulty of being a title contender for many years. In the past 15 years, only a handful of franchises have made it to Super Bowl multiple times.

For Fox, he can only hope that his job will be secure enough to last more than four seasons. He will take over a team that has only been to the Super Bowl once since their last championship in 1986, with an inconsistent quarterback in Jay Cutler, and a bottom tier defense.


Did The 49ers Choose Stability Over Winning Now?

It appears that they did. Ned York thought that Jim Tomsula could win more games than Harbaugh, and Harbaugh stopped talking to him. The situation was already toxic, and the front office did not want any clashes. If you have ever looked at Ned York, he does not seem like the kind of guy who wants to have a confrontation every five seconds. That is not a bad thing, but he is not the kind of person that is going to appreciate that kind of culture.

When you marry a girl that comes from a family that picks on each other all the time, you decide that you do not want to go over there as often. When you are managing the family business that is worth a billion dollars, you get rid of people who are not going to act the way you think they should. No one can blame York for getting rid of Harbaugh before he turned the 49ers upside down. The 49ers are bigger than Jim Harbaugh, and it is possible that York decided he would take the scrutiny rather than see his family’s business be turned inside out by a maniac with an explosive temper and ego.

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Elway Hopes Manning Will Return Next Year

Just a few days removed from their home playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts and one day removed from firing his head coach, John Elway is still dependent on Plan A working although it has not been successful yet. In his press conference, Elway stated that he did not press Manning to make a decision on his future following their Divisional Playoff loss and expected to meet with him after a few weeks off and away from football. What remains to be seen is whether Manning’s sluggish performance over the past month and a half were due to a lagging leg injury or because of age or something else altogether. Either way it will be his decision as to what his future will hold and whether he returns for an 18th season.

If he does choose to come back next year, there is little doubt that he will have a large voice in who will be the replacement for John Fox the teams former head coach. As it stands the Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio are the only candidates that have been named by Elway. But Del Rio has already been interviewing with other teams. Both coaches could be considered contributors to the team’s lack of drive that Elway is looking for in the Playoffs. Whoever it is, they will have to get an offensive line that can protect and a coach that can motivate late in the year. In this LA Times article Tom Rothman shares his opinion.


Del Rio To Coach Raiders


The Oakland Raiders have hired Jack Del Rio to be their head coach. Jack Del Rio has head coaching experience, and he did a good job with the defense in Denver over the past few years. The Raiders job is a chance for Del Rio to improve on his last stint as a head coach. He can make changes to the Raiders and help to improve their culture. When Del Rio is able to make these changes, he might be able to bring the Raiders back from obscurity. He has a great young QB, and he has a young defense that he can make changes to.

Also, we need to remember Del Rio is the kind of hard nosed person who will be able to turn around a Raiders franchise that has been a joke lately. They had a good season this year, and it is possible that they can get better if they are working properly to make sure that they are getting better. Under his regime, the Raiders will be able to make proper changes to their organization that will make them more viable for years to come, and Del Rio could find the job that is going to define him. Hopefully with new coaches, the refs wont be as hard on the Oakland team. Christopher Cowdray, a good friend of mine agrees, new coaching may lead to a better season for the Raiders.


What Are The Rams To Do?

The St. Louis Rams are clearly one of the best-coached teams in the NFL. However, they finished the season with a 6-10 record. They will pick 10th in the upcoming draft, and they need to figure out what they are going to do with their offense. They got lucky back in the day with Kurt Warner, but that is not going to happen this time. They need to make some serious changes if they want to improve next season. 

Jared Haftel reports via that the Rams are thinking of signing Sam Bradford for less money and drafting a quarterback late to start a QB competition. However, they also need to have running backs and wide receivers. They essentially need a cornucopia of players that they can look at throughout the preseason. The Rams can reinvent their offense, but they need to pick a slew of players to use. If they plan well, they will be able to start next season with a new offense that will actually be able to score. Even if they are not starting Sam Bradford, they will have a better offense. They finally a choice, and they need to use that choice to put the right offense on the field and not the one that cost them a lot of money.