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Norka Luque

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 7, 1985. Norka Luque began voice training, musical training, piano lessons, and flamenco and ballet lessons as a young child. With great support from her parents, she acquired all these skills under her belt as well as the pursuit of her academic education.


In her educational endeavors, she majored in Business Administration in France, and she earned degrees in Fashion, Marketing, and Culinary Arts. While still in France, she gained the opportunity to be a band member in which her singing dreams remained connected. Eventually, Emilio Estefan Jr. has shown interest in her work, and he has been guiding her musical career ever since.


Her Musical Accolades


In 2011, she came out with her first single called “Como lo Haces Tu”. For this single, she was nominated in the Premios Lo Nuestro Awards for the “Best Female Pop Artist“. In 2012, her second single, “Milagro” was introduced. With this song, there were versions of dance English, urban, salsa, and pop, and these versions made great success in various, top music charts of various genres. Her latest single is called “Tomorrowland”, and this single is accessible on all music apps. And lastly, Norka is now working on a relaunching for 2016. For more information as well as information concerning her social media networks, check out


In working with an megastar and renowned entrepreneur like Emilio Estefan Jr., she was equipped with a splendid producing team. Composition was done by Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and others.


Her Philosophy


Norka has shown to a fresh breathe of air. She believes in implementing positivity in her music. She believes that artists should use a positive message to help others, give them lots of hope, and to spread love. She also says that musical and societal evolution go together. And even though new genres and rhythms are born, the message’s essence shouldn’t change, according to Norka. In her song, “Milagro”, she wanted to send hope as a message to those who are undergoing a personal crisis. She has endured several situations that allowed her to value life more, and she realized that music is her destiny as a medium to transfer love.

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