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White Shark Media: How They Respond To Their Customers’ Feedback


White Shark Media is rocking it. They are getting lots of great reviews and testimonials, along with all kinds of feedback. White Shark Media is a marketing agency that provides marketing solutions for businesses online, using methods such as PPC, SMM and SEM.

As you can read on the reviews page of their websites, their customers have really good things to say about them. One customer said that they have helped them grow their business, and another business owner says that for the life of his company, he will be using White Shark Media only.


They also have gotten complaints, like any other company. What makes White Shark Media special is the way they have handled these complaints. Following are some complaints and how White Shark Media has responded to fix the issues and make the experience better for their customers.


For example, one complaint customers had was that they had lost track of the performance of their Adwords campaign. They just got confused about all the metrics and where the campaign was going. So now, White Shark Media goes over with each new customer and makes sure they know everything about the campaign and campaign metrics. This way, they know what to expect and how to interpret different results.


Another complaint was that customers said they would really like it if White Shark Media offered SEO services. Now, White Shark Media doesn’t do SEO services. Of course, however, they are very well versed in all SEO strategies. They know what works and what doesn’t, and what are bad SEO strategies. So if you want, just send over your SEO work, that either you did yourself or what someone did for you, and White Shark Media will review it.