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Chicago Bears hire John Fox as next Head Coach

The Chicago Bears, Rod Rohrich’s favorite team, have just announced that former Denver Broncos head coach John Fox, has agreed to become the franchise’s next head coach. While the hiring is a great fit for a storied franchise, it ponders the thought if John Fox should have been looking for a job in the first place.

On Monday, a day after the Broncos loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Broncos owner John Elway came to a mutual agreement with Fox to part ways after four years as head coach. Though he lead the Broncos to a division title in each of his four seasons, one Super Bowl appearance with Peyton Manning as quarterback was not enough.

Despite going 46-18 in four seasons with the franchise, the expectations of the organization were too high to keep his job safe, failing to win a Lombardi Trophy with one of the most storied quarterbacks in NFL history. It puts into perspective the difficulty of being a title contender for many years. In the past 15 years, only a handful of franchises have made it to Super Bowl multiple times.

For Fox, he can only hope that his job will be secure enough to last more than four seasons. He will take over a team that has only been to the Super Bowl once since their last championship in 1986, with an inconsistent quarterback in Jay Cutler, and a bottom tier defense.

Elway Hopes Manning Will Return Next Year

Just a few days removed from their home playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts and one day removed from firing his head coach, John Elway is still dependent on Plan A working although it has not been successful yet. In his press conference, Elway stated that he did not press Manning to make a decision on his future following their Divisional Playoff loss and expected to meet with him after a few weeks off and away from football. What remains to be seen is whether Manning’s sluggish performance over the past month and a half were due to a lagging leg injury or because of age or something else altogether. Either way it will be his decision as to what his future will hold and whether he returns for an 18th season.

If he does choose to come back next year, there is little doubt that he will have a large voice in who will be the replacement for John Fox the teams former head coach. As it stands the Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio are the only candidates that have been named by Elway. But Del Rio has already been interviewing with other teams. Both coaches could be considered contributors to the team’s lack of drive that Elway is looking for in the Playoffs. Whoever it is, they will have to get an offensive line that can protect and a coach that can motivate late in the year. In this LA Times article Tom Rothman shares his opinion.


McCarthy Stays Mum

When Mike McCarthy says that Aaron Rodgers is doing all he can do to get on the field, that is his way of saying that he is not going to tell you anything. Coaches tend to keep things to themselves, but this is a case where we have no idea what shape Aaron Rodgers is in. They won a game that they should not have won, and now they are going to go to a hostile stadium to play a great team.

We cannot judge Rodgers on what we see for the first half of the game on Sunday. When he gets warmed up, we can make a decision about how healthy he is. This guy could put the team on his back and go to another Super Bowl, but there is no way to know until he gets into the middle of the game. We can speculate all we want, but we know nothing of his condition until we are looking at him on the field.

This is going to be a close game if Rodgers can play. If he is hobbled for most of the game, there is no way that the Packers are going to beat Seattle and my friend  Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will be upset.


Eric Reid Concussed

As the League begins to look towards the playoffs, social medias look towards increasing football fever buzz, but this post that I just finished reading is not the usual Facebook banter, but a more serious posting on how player after player have been coming forward stating that they received dramatic head injuries throughout their National Football League careers, there has been ever increasing scrutiny over what types of hits should be allowed in football. There have been extreme cases where former players have not been able to function in life and a handful of players have committed suicide as a result, due to the fact they could not handle their lives because of the trauma inflicted in such hits.

It’s scary to say the least when a promising young player starts to get hit with numerous concussions, as is with the case of San Francisco’s Eric Reid. Reid had an incredible rookie season, making seventy seven tackles and recorded four interceptions, which ultimately led to him making the Pro Bowl. Although he had a remarkable season, he also endured the unfortunate circumstance of suffering two separate concussions. Despite never missing a game last season, he was just dealt another concussion in Sunday’s game, adding up to three in less than eighteen months. The reality of these situations is that when a player gets a concussion, it makes them more prone to getting another one.


Colts Clinch Playoff Spot With Win Over Texans

The Indianapolis Colts became one of the first teams to secure an NFL playoff spot on Sunday with their 17-10 victory over the Houston Texans. The win clinched their position at the top of the AFC South standings, insuring that quarterback Andrew Luck will be making his third playoff appearance in as many years. Luck threw for 2 touchdowns, which along with an Adam Vinatieri field goal was enough to defeat division rival Houston.

The Texans continue to be plagued by injuries, with wide receiver Andre Johnson and linebacker Whitney Mercilus missing the came altogether, and quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Savage both sustaining injuries during the Colts game.
As of the conclusion of the past weekends schedule the other teams to have confirmed playoff spots are the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots (Jared Haftel will be happy about that one), and the Arizona Cardinals.