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Rocketship Education: Launching Low-income Students To The Stars

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools. The school system has a team that consist of parents, teachers, leaders, and students. This network works in order to transform the future for disadvantaged communities across the nation. The focus is areas that have little or no access to high quality education.

Rocketship was founded in 2006 with a mission to close the gap of achievement by developing a school model that accelerates student achievement in disproportionate communities in America. Rocketship enlist students’ parents in their students education. That allows the parents to be long-term advocates for their students as well as their communities.

Rocketship has been busy in San Juan working with low-income children as well as those seeking to learn the english language. The population in San Juan of the wealthy and the poor has parted. This separation has left the poor in a bad situation when it comes to education. Rocketship has moved in to bridge that gap, providing quality education to those students who are less fortunate.

In Washington D. C., parents are taking a first hand approach to assist in building the educational foundation of a new charter school, Rocketship Rise Academy. Parents are taking part in the process of interviewing prospective teachers. Those parents’ feedback is having a direct impact on whether a teacher is offered a position with the new school or not. Rocketship has recently been granted the permission by Washington D.C. to open 8 new charter schools in the area.

Administrators are hoping for family involvement with in the school system. Rocketship will be providing an area for student’s parents who are unemployed or just looking for other employment, so they will be able to fill out and submit job applications. This will set a foundation for a better future for not only the student’s educational future but their future as a whole.