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Boraie Development LLC: Sustainable Development in Atlanta

Boraie Development LLC functions primarily as a real estate company and to achieve this it partners with contractors, financial institutions, architects to complete developments. The Company deals in property development, management and sales of the completed housing units. Founder Omar Boraie says that the company aims to be first in every market. It’s proven by their interest in the South Inlet area a barren expanse in Atlantic City for housing and retail development.

Over the year, Boraie Development LLC has strived to source funds from private capital providers such as commercial banks pooling it together with its money for select projects. It ensures that Boraie Development LLC has a foothold as a primary developer in New Jersey. The company’s proven track record and reliability to every project that it undertakes place it a cut above the rest. It has built a steady relationship with various players in the real estate sector. The company aims to create strong ties with firstly with residents and tenants of the properties built.

Through the Boraie Realty subsidiary, the company has been able to work together with property managers to keep tabs on the ever-changing property market especially the factors affecting residential and commercial spending. They follow the company’s development team one step ahead. As a show of its efforts, the company has been able to sell well over $150 million in housing and commercial transactions.

In its true Boraie vision, the company has recently unveiled a new luxury rental tower located in the heart of New Brunswick with the theme ‘’inspire to aspire’’. The Aspire building’s location is close to the New Brunswick train station and several of the city’s major hospitals. The company hasn’t spared anything in its quest for consumer satisfaction. Externally the view from the balconies and terraces is simply to die for; the building overlooks the Raritan River and Johnson Park.

The company has partnered with Shaquille O’Neal’s to work on bringing development to the cities more distressed areas. The partnership is quite adequate, with the Boraie Development Company having sufficient experience to undertake development projects in the area and Mr O’Neil bringing much exposure to the projects. The company aims to create a movie cinema, retail complex and market-rate housing complex in Atlantic City.

In line with CSR responsibility the Boraie Development Group in partnership with Mr O’Neil, last year contributed $25,000 to assist efforts to reopen the Boys & Girls Club, which is primarily active during the summer program.