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Common Orthopedic Procedures With Dr. Greg Finch

Throughout our lives we’re constantly on the move, rushing here and there and putting our bodies through the paces. At every stage we’re reliant on our musculoskeletal system to keep us moving, and it does so with great efficacy. Sometimes things go wrong, and that can put a serious hitch in our busy lifestyle. When this happens, it’s orthopedic experts like Greg Finch who set things to rights and get us back to a life in motion.


Spinal injuries are one of the most frightening and difficult forms of damage to treat, and sometimes a portion of the spine has to be fused to treat it. Spinal fusion joins two or more vertebrae together to prevent any movement between them, often relieving pressure and pain. Fusion can be done through bone grafting, or by using screws, plates, and cages to secure the location. While some mobility is lost, the pain relief that comes with the procedure can facilitate a return to normalcy.


Many elderly people find it necessary to receive a hip replacement at some point in their lives, and once again it falls within the field of Greg Finch and his contemporaries to see it through. Hip replacements are often done due to damage to the bone, a complete loss of cartilage in the hip joint, or other complications.


Greg Finch completed his training at the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, and entered into the field with a philosophy of patient education. Before any procedure is performed, he ensures that his patients are able to understand both the details of the procedure and why it’s necessary for it to be performed. His specialties are disc replacement, cervical spine surgery, and adult deformities, with a decided interest in minimally invasive spinal procedures. If you’re experiencing orthopedic complications and want a consult, contact Greg Finch at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital by dialing +61754447579.