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Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo Competing To Maintain Their Grand Position

For all the fans of racing, you know or have watched this duo who love racing as a pair in all the races they participate. Maykel Justo who aged 37 and Michel Terpins aged are an unbreakable pair in the racing industry. The pair who competes for Bull Sertões Rally Team recently completed another vital stage in the Sertões Rally in its 25th edition. The pair who are at the top in the overall category has been selected among the top five fastest competitors in the competition holding the 4th position right now with a time of 11 hrs 45min and 23sec.

During the recently held third stage from Aruanã to the Santa Terezinha de Goiás, they had to slow a bit because their vehicles developed some mechanical issues on Monday 21st. They spent a lot of time waiting for help which they never received for quite a long time. One of the vehicles had a knock on the gear bor and could not transmit; this forced Michel Terpins to wait for his partner as he could not race alone while registered as a pair. The best part is that later on, they received some help where the vehicles were repaired and continued with the race and managed to secure the 4th position in the prototype race and the 10th position overall in the race.

Terpins revealed that after experiencing the gearbox failure on one their vehicles, the T-Rex, they only thing they were concerned with was only completing the race, but for winning on that day, they were not sure. He exclaimed that they were doing perfect on the 4th day and expected to perform the best in the coming races. Terpins is now participating his 10th competition since he debuted his racing. He said he wants to consult with his partner and come up with a proper strategy to ensure they perform better in the consecutive year competitions.

Terpins started racing a long time ago in the year 2012 as a motorcycle racer then tuned to car racing under the guidance of his brother and four years later participated in the Brazilian Cross Rally Championship. The pair has been competing together for quite some time and they find it helpful to their strategies.